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Wizard of Oz The Elite Bankster

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


Original post disappeared so I am re-posting what I perceive to be a valuable message.

By John Hamer

The story of the Wizard of Oz is an allegorical representation of the Crown Temple, the controlling force behind the British Crown and all its foreign offshoots (Commonwealth countries) including the United States of America which is proven never to have really been given independence from the Crown, despite all appearances to the contrary. It tells us the covert story of who we are, our place in the New World Order and how we can end its oppression.

Although dressed-up as merely a simple, innocent children’s story written by L. Frank Baum, in fact ‘Oz’ represents gold by weight (shortened form of ounces) and the yellow brick road, bricks or ingot bars of gold. So, the ‘Wizard of Oz’ himself is one…

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FSU Gunman Killed

FSU was under attack last night by what looks to be another Op…I guarantee this nut job is a manchurian candidate or some kind of psychotropic druggie…More to follow. Glad all my FSU players are safe!!!Was weird how this came out on Facebook a few minutes ago about buying Liberty Mutual Omaha life insurance how class less and fear mongering! If that dude would have came to Burt Reynold’s hall we would have scalped him before TPD got there! heres the fishy story from the Washington Post

https://www.facebook.com/libertymutual  GO THERE AND BLAST THESE INSENSITIVE FUCKS!

…Sent to all FSU alumni!

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Conspiracy Theory? Red Flag when I hear “Sole Shooter” You be the judge!

Is this another case of Rahm’s Rule? Never let a good crisis go to waste? Is another predication to the gun grabbing lobby? More information to come!

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