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813 MRAP’s


IMG_20140620_095600Wouldn’t you know as MRAP’s are being rolled out in Ferguson,MO (see article below, Here Comes The Sun) I spotted these interesting  vehicles circling around the Dog Track…..”Here Comes Rusty”. Conspiracy Theory or a new Food Truck for TPD?

Here comes the sun or MRAP’s!

The National Guard was seen rolling out biological weapons vehicles on Tuesday in MO!

The Missouri National Guard deployed to the St. Louis region on Tuesday, one day after Governor Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency. He was also silent when asked about! Through U.S. Department of Defense’s 1033 ProgramMilitary vehicles were seen in St. Louis City and in West County. Have you seen any MRAP’s in your town?

CERFP Enhanced Response Force Package assets were spotted in Chesterfield in West County. The vehicles are used for CBRNE events: chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high yield explosive events.

The Missouri Guard owns several of these vehicles and thats what they chose to call up for the State of Emergency. About ten states own these vehicles, Missouri being one of them. The ten states correspond to the 10 FEMA regions. The program was funded by the Feds. Read more @ Infowars.com. But remember this is a conspiracy theory, You are not seeing this with your own eyes and this is probably a Food Truck that has been photo shopped!Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 6.52.56 AM