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Negdog Radio War vs The Core Wednesday-Episode 283 01/27 by Negdog Radio | Education Podcasts

Once again ther leaders in Anti-Common Core Negdog @negdog has the @commoncorediva Lynne M. Taylor back in the Negdog.com studio’s for an update on Common Core and the ESSA plus more on HEA and the NWO. In the 2nd half of todays show we will have The Constitutional Lawyer http://www.KrisAnneHall.com back again for another breakdown on how we have to stand up for our rights before they are all gone!! Does it tie into Common Core? Tune in to find out! Where does it end? Call in with your information! Stockholm Syndrome amongst our teachers and administrators some fo the dog pound is saying?! What are your thoughts! Call in Now!! 347-843-4165

Source: Negdog Radio War vs The Core Wednesday-Episode 283 01/27 by Negdog Radio | Education Podcasts

Point2Ponder by KrisAnne Hall-Constitutional Lawyer

Today’s ‪#‎Point2Ponder‬:
The Department of Defense will no longer accept driver’s licenses as proof of ID from residents of Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, and Washington. If people want to enter DoD bases from those States they will be forced to provide a federal passport or other “accepted” form of ID.
These States are exercising their Sovereignty and refusing a National People Registry imposed by the Real ID Act of 2005.
(Federal government was tyrannical in 2005? I thought that was Obama’s fault? )
‪#‎SHOWME‬ the authority in the Constitution for the federal government to require States to comply with a National People Registry.
#SHOWME the authority in the Constitution for the federal government to even HAVE a National People Registry.
Federal Government: We won’t control your borders, but we will control your people.
But if they controlled our external borders like they ARE required by Constitution, there would be less justification for a National People Registry and less justification for all these federal controls over real citizens.
Time for the States to exercise Art 1 sec 8 cl 17 and remove their consent for these DoD bases and ‪#‎KickTheFedsOut‬!
If the States took control of these bases, they could employ the people running them on the State level. The States could protect their own borders and we wouldn’t need a National People Registry.
We won’t require ID for voters, but we will require a National People Registry.
Why would we need a National People Registry? I thought it was racist to make people show ID. I thought it was unjust to make people show ID.
Americans would have been INSANE if in 2005 Congress established a National Gun Registry, but a National People Registry was just a blip on the radar. Nothing to see here, just keep moving, just keeping you safe from terrorists.
Guess what. The federal government doesn’t just control DoD buildings, they also control who gets on airplanes. TSA anyone? They control who gets healthcare. Obamacare? They control who buys pharmaceuticals and food. FDA? They control who gets an education. Dept of Ed? They control who owns land. EPA? DOI?
You will soon need a federal passport to fly, to get healthcare, to buy drugs or food, to get an education, to own or occupy land.
“Show me your papers” is coming to America…or is it already here?
Before they say “show me your papers” Americans had better start demanding to the feds that they #ShowMe their authority.