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Secret Agent Man

In what is the most unique protest Infowars has covered in Ferguson, MO, police and protestors played a game of cat and mouse in front of a police station throughout Wednesday evening. Protestors couldn’t stand in the street without being arrested and police couldn’t scare protestors away without being in the street. Are Op’s on the ground provoking threatening cops? Agent Provacatuer’s have been used since the early 1920’s like de-classified Operation’s like Operation Trust, by corrupt ruling parties! Is this what’s going on in Ferguson? Why have the police gone to All Black Uniforms? Here is footage from last night’s stand off. Reporter’s and Protester’s were pushed around….What will happen tonight? Is this part of the NWO agenda? Is this a burka for the Obozo’s Executive Amnesty? Only time will tell!!! We all remember Officer Go Fuck Yourself! Go to Ustream now and download the app and don’t miss tonight’s live stream channel’s. As they got jammed last night!