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Black Ops Helicopters Over Northdale!

IMG_20141113_211745-2IMG_20141113_144448 IMG_20141113_144508

With recent reports of Black Op’s Helicopters shooting at U.S. citizens and the denial by mainstream media in Miami, Wouldn’t you know Negdog has sniffed out another conspiracy theory right here in our back yard! On a trip to the north side of Tampa near the lovely gated communities and deed restricted neighborhoods I spotted this Chopper buzzing over head. It was almost silent and was in stealth mode. It appeared to have a Machine Gun mounted on the front and a gunman hanging out the side. Other than 1 veteran I saw who looked like he was having a flashback to Vietnam, diving into the back of a pick-up truck. The Sheeple continued on with their drone juice and Spyphones looking down! Before I could get around to the side for a different angle it dissappeared into the clouds!

Leave a comment on what you think this is? I will have exclusive video up tomorrow from 2 angles! Make sure you listen to a replay of the show from Friday!!!