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Family Guy Predicted The Future Once Again

Back in 2009 Family Guy was once again as part of MKULTRA pre programming strangely predicting Bruce Jenner’s sex change back in 2009. We also did an article about how Family Guy pre predicted the Boston Bombing! Once again the elitist’s think your that stupid to understand whats really going on in this Psy-Op! BAN ESPN! BAN THE GLOBALISTS! They think your that stupid but the sheeple are even waking up!!!

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Team Negdog will be searching for Confederate Gold & Artifacts around FL Steinahatchee , the exact location is a secret but the lore and facts that lead us up there are fascinating to say the least…PIRATE TREASURE?

Negdog knows someone whom he declined to name, may be closing in on a treasure that—according to local lore—was buried in the area some 200 years ago by Jean LaFitte.

LaFitte roamed the Gulf of Mexico in the early 19th century as a smuggler and privateer, though he reportedly described himself an entrepreneur and defender of American freedom.

The spot near Fowler’s Bluff, about 15 miles (24 kilometers) upriver from where the Suwannee meets the Gulf, was a likely hangout for LaFitte and such notorious colleagues as Jose Gaspar, Billy “Bowlegs” Rogers, and Black Caesar (see map of the Suwannee River). We will let you know how it goes….Meanwhile Obozo says our Southern Border is the securists its ever been!

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This one hits too close to home to ignore!!!! OMFG I remember this dude at our public re-education camp!! RED DOT ALERT!!! CREEPER ALERT!!! #HomeSchool #SitInTheBackOfTheClass #NegdogRadio #813News #GHS #PublicReeducationCamp #FEMADistrictIV #DiggingUpBones




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FSU Gunman Killed

FSU was under attack last night by what looks to be another Op…I guarantee this nut job is a manchurian candidate or some kind of psychotropic druggie…More to follow. Glad all my FSU players are safe!!!Was weird how this came out on Facebook a few minutes ago about buying Liberty Mutual Omaha life insurance how class less and fear mongering! If that dude would have came to Burt Reynold’s hall we would have scalped him before TPD got there! heres the fishy story from the Washington Post

https://www.facebook.com/libertymutual  GO THERE AND BLAST THESE INSENSITIVE FUCKS!

…Sent to all FSU alumni!

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Conspiracy Theory? Red Flag when I hear “Sole Shooter” You be the judge!

Is this another case of Rahm’s Rule? Never let a good crisis go to waste? Is another predication to the gun grabbing lobby? More information to come!

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How Far Will It Go?

Remember the days of playing “guns” or “war” outside as a kid. Firing imaginary bullets with your finger. Arguing over if you hit your friend or not…Yelling out You missed me as you dove into some bushes! Well Another kid Nickolas Taylor gets a 2 day suspension for using his finger as a ray gun and making a laser sound…..The nanny state has gone too far. Read more here. MILFORD 5th Grader Suspended. What if he would have done that to one of the unannounced Storm troopers who came in unexpected in a Florida Middle School Active Shooter Drill! Florida has recently added the Pop Tart Bill that In June, the Governor of Florida approved into law a so-called ‘Pop-Tart Bill,’ named in reference to a Maryland 8-year-old who was suspended for chewing a Pastry into the shape of a gun. The bill now ensures that no punishment will be handed out if students brandish a food item, a toy, a pencil, or a finger to simulate a firearm or weapon. Vocalisations of gun noises are also cited in the bill as not being adequate grounds for discipline. Catch 22 Florida? Ever since Sandy Hook, the public re-education camps are really losing their credibility. Listen to the Negdog Radio Show Now!

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