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How Far Will It Go?

Remember the days of playing “guns” or “war” outside as a kid. Firing imaginary bullets with your finger. Arguing over if you hit your friend or not…Yelling out You missed me as you dove into some bushes! Well Another kid Nickolas Taylor gets a 2 day suspension for using his finger as a ray gun and making a laser sound…..The nanny state has gone too far. Read more here. MILFORD 5th Grader Suspended. What if he would have done that to one of the unannounced Storm troopers who came in unexpected in a Florida Middle School Active Shooter Drill! Florida has recently added the Pop Tart Bill that In June, the Governor of Florida approved into law a so-called ‘Pop-Tart Bill,’ named in reference to a Maryland 8-year-old who was suspended for chewing a Pastry into the shape of a gun. The bill now ensures that no punishment will be handed out if students brandish a food item, a toy, a pencil, or a finger to simulate a firearm or weapon. Vocalisations of gun noises are also cited in the bill as not being adequate grounds for discipline. Catch 22 Florida? Ever since Sandy Hook, the public re-education camps are really losing their credibility. Listen to the Negdog Radio Show Now!

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