TAM Meet Leaders

With the end of the TAM meet coming to a close here are your meet leaders:

TAM 2012 – Owner Wins

1 Nakamura Stables 149 26 28 16 432.73 2.90 17.4 47.0
2 Chili King Stables 120 18 9 15 321.34 2.68 15.0 35.0
3 La Canada Racehorses 53 14 2 8 172.41 3.25 26.4 45.3
4 Night Rider Stables 59 13 11 11 181.91 3.08 22.0 59.3
5 Thinken Stables 56 11 7 9 180.58 3.22 19.6 48.2
6 Pjr Farms 45 10 10 4 199.92 4.44 22.2 53.3
7 Diablo Diablo 36 10 4 6 152.17 4.23 27.8 55.6
8 Riggins Racing 78 10 2 14 161.20 2.07 12.8 33.3
9 Mains Boys 62 9 13 11 181.06 2.92 14.5 53.2
10 Orinoco Stable 23 9 2 3 100.46 4.37 39.1 60.9
11 Dynark Stables 53 8 7 8 374.19 7.06 15.1 43.4
12 Angelos Stable 56 8 7 8 162.70 2.91 14.3 41.1
13 Captinj 78 8 6 8 159.86 2.05 10.3 28.2
14 Running Farms 52 8 5 10 133.72 2.57 15.4 44.2
15 Nynl Stables 27 8 5 3 168.24 6.23 29.6 59.3
16 Ken Allan 24 8 3 5 133.84 5.58 33.3 66.7
17 Big Jd Racing 56 8 0 6 103.77 1.85 14.3 25.0
18 The Fox 78 7 16 17 217.18 2.78 9.0 51.3
19 Maverick Racing 75 7 11 11 169.74 2.26 9.3 38.7
20 TwinTowersRacing 69 7 11 7 161.49 2.34 10.1 36.2

Prince of Fools wins Transylvania!

Maui Dream leads down the backstretch

The Freakshow was feeling confident going into this race and Prince of Fools  did not let his owner or the fans down. All the owners & trainers knew he was the horse to best. The G3 Turf race featured some of the top 3 yr old turf bombers in the country! It was a mad dash for cash as he sat mid pack until the final furlong as RJ Albarado set him down. He showed mush desire to the finish line! Now with 2 G3 Stakes wins including the G3 Generous Stakes this non BC non TC nominated horse will make a case to his owner for the upcoming Triple Crown and Breeders Cup. Chuckless finished 2nd.

Prince of Fools sees the wire!
Prince Of Fools The Freakshow Albarado R J 120 69.00 1:40.48
Chuckless Downwind Stables Lanerie C J 120 23.00 1:40.52
Lord Of Tara Quintis Racing Napravnik R 120 18.40 1:40.86
Johnny Appleseed Kopites Lenclud F 120 4.60 1:40.93
Maui Dream Duncan Farm Sellers S J 120 1:40.96
My Pet Dogma The Fox Mena M 120 1:41.02
Wild Warfare Pjr Farms Desormeaux K J 120 1:41.10
Wild Alliance Mb Stables Graham J 120 1:41.23
Here We Go Again Running With Rick D Pedroza Mar 120 1:41.56
Dogs Bachelor Beat The Fox Hernandez B J Jr 120 1:41.58

Track: Firm Scratched: None
Claimed: None

Prince of Fools wins

Questions & Answers with Duncan Farm

Duncan Farm

I ran into Duncan Farm at the Jockey club during lunch and asked him about his horse Maui Dream who is racing in todays G3 Transylvania Stakes. The 3yr old California bred BC nominated Black colt stands 16.0 hands tall and has won its last 2 races including a $21.200 Nx1 at TAM back in February.

I asked Duncan Farm thse questions:

How do you feel your chances are in the race?

“I feel he has a decent chance but this is his toughest race by far.”

Who do you think is the tuffest competition?

“In my opinion the inside horse( looks to be the tough test on paper. But my horse won his last race in good time and I think he deserves a chance against top company.

If you win this race what are your plans for in the next race?

” I am concerned if he will make gr/ gr tomorrow in which case I may scratch but will wait and see.”

Thanks to Duncan Farm!

The Kitty Kat Was Barking!

Kat Dog wins her debut at GP

Kat Dog the 2year old BC nominated filly out of Kapa Hapa Kat wins in her debut at Gulfstream! Sired by the infamous Dogs Bachelor Party she became the 35th winner from the sire. Showing signs of early speed she shot out of the gate and had a 1/2 length lead on Sunday Morning. At the 1/4 pole it was Explosive Web who had a nose up on Kat Dog. But J Lezcano laid down the crack of the whip and got Kat Dog on top. The results were delayed for a minute as the judges looked over the photo finish and deemed it a dead heat with Kat Dog and Explosive Web. Congrats to Kopites and Negdog Racing and thier people. Who do you think won? Looks like the 2 has a nose ahead of the 10….

And There Off!

Track Condition: Fast

Race Description: fMdSpWt51.50
Kat Dog Negdog Racing Lezcano J 118 $23.69 :28.09
Explosive Web Kopites Cruz M R 118 $23.69 :28.09
Sunday Morning Mo Mentum Farm Leparoux J R 118 $9.48 :28.14
Zillion Bucks Blushing Meadows Velazquez J R 118 $2.37 :28.19
Holy Brave ollieland Garcia Ju A 118 :28.22
Tampa Flash Riggins Racing Sanchez Jef 118 :28.31
Lady Killer Ken Allan Solis A O 118 :28.38
Nowhere To Run Downwind Stables Castanon J L 118 :28.40
Pip Spirit Chili King Stables Bravo J 118 :28.59
Braggin Boomtown Santana J Z 118 :28.61

Scratched: Niccolo Machiavelli
Claims: None.

Questions & Answers with The Freakshow

I was up early this morning drinking my digital joe and I saw one of the owners up early tending to  their horse before the race. Prince of Fools has won 4 out of his last 5 races and looks to be the horse to beat.The G3

The Freakshow

Transylvania Stakes post time 6:05


I asked The Freakshow  these questions:

How do you feel your chances are in the race?

” I think I have the horse to beat, this horse can go to the front and hold, so confident even from the 1 hole.”

Who do you think is the tuffest competition?

” I havent looked to deep on the turf side, so I really dont know the top 3yos on grass.”

If you win this race what are your plans for in the next race?

“If he gets the win I will be looking for a mile +  G1, theresno real road map fpr this horse, just hope he can run in top form through his 3yo year. “

Thanks to The Freakshow for his input on the race!

Questions & Answers with Kopites


As we prepare for the upcoming 2012 G3 Transylvania Stakes at KEE I got to the track early to ask a few questions with some of the owners. After talking with Mb Stables I walked down a couple more stables and ran into Kopites the owner of Johnny Appleseed sitting in the 8 spot. After breaking his maiden he went straight into stakes competition including the G2 San Felipe where he lead most of the race and gave way down the stretch.

I asked Kopites these questions:

How do you feel your chances are in the race?

“if I am honest, I dont rate my chances at all, but my philosophy is to give te horses a chance, they may just suprise you, Pretty ankee for instance!!

Who do you think is the tuffest competition?

“Some nice types, 2 I tried to buy, Lord of Tara and Prince of Fools, but I am going with Wild Alliance to beat those 2″

If you win this race what are your plans for in the next race?

“I really doubt he will get in the top 5, so I think I will be dropping him a level and stay on the turf at 1Mile or 1 1/16th”

Thanks to Kopites for his input on the race!

Pan A Ram’ic View From The Winners Circle of the FL Derby!

Pan A Ram wins the FL Derby
Pan A Ram Captinj Velazquez J R 122 600.00 1:48.51
Generals Road La Canada Racehorses Gomez G K 122 200.00 1:48.73
Copper Bottom Diablo Diablo Baze R A 122 160.00 1:48.90
Flash Pal Ken Allan Albarado R J 122 40.00 1:48.93
Embalmer Eastern Equine Castellano J J 122 1:49.06
St Lou Blue Canadian Racing Wilson E J 122 1:49.26
Dura Mater Rockitpad Contreras L 122 1:49.35
Drunken Waltz Serenity Stables Dominguez R A 122 1:49.36
Burnsuwhenitshot TwinTowersRacing Bejarano R 122 1:49.65

Track: Fast Scratched: None
Claimed: None

Questions & Answers with Mb Stables

As we prepare for the upcoming 2012 G3 Transylvania Stakes at KEE I got to the track early to ask a few questions with some of the owners. I ran into Mb Stables in the stall of Wild Alliance a TC nominated 3 year old Bay colt sired by Wild Chippy. Coming off a nice win at PHA in a $48.000 NW2 alw can he step up in class?

I asked Mb Stables these questions:

How do you feel your chances are in the race?

I wouldnt say im without a chance, but ill need a good trip. My horse is hard to pass when he gets the lead, but he gets easily discouraged chasing horses.

Who do you think is the tuffest competition?

 I “think the rail horse Prince of Fools will be the one we’re all chasing.”

If you win this race what are your plans for in the next race?

“Definitely more ground. Win or lose my horse needs longer distances. Im excited for the summer when the races become longer.”

Thanks to Dan at Mb Stables!

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