Statebred Christmas

It was a Tropic Xmas in April as Goforwand was collecting his presents in the winners circle in the first race at TAM today. The race featured 4+up Fillies born in FL.

TAM#1 6 Furlongs Dirt Allowance/Claiming Purse $21.400 Filly & Mare 4 Year Olds And Up Foaled in FL

  Tropic Xmas Goforwand Rocco J S Jr 2.55   11 1:09.50  
  Lady Surgeon Revel Stables Morales P 1.05   21/2 1:09.83  
  Espaniola Martinez W 3.05   31 1:09.95  
  Lady Pepper Double J Stables Coa D 45.40   43/4 1:10.26  
  Desert Writer Chateau Gill Feliciano R 5.60   5 1:10.45  

Track: Fast
Time: :223 :451 :571:092

$2 Mutuel Prices:

5 – Tropic Xmas 7.10 2.80 2.10
3 – Lady Surgeon   2.50 2.10
4 – Espaniola     2.10

$1 Exacta: 5 – 3 Paid 5.60
$1 Trifecta: 5 – 3 – 4 Paid 14.30

Scratched: None


Yes Your Honor

Ashleys Honor the heavy favorite stalked the leaders and was going away down the stretch and breaks her maiden at FP. Sound The Dogs ran well up front but gave way with 1 furlong to go.

  Ashleys Honor Newmo40 Cosme E 0.75   12 1:39.73
  Dyna Might Nifty Stable Sukie D G 20.80   21/4 1:40.26
  Transcending Broken Spoke Stables Valero R 3.60   31 1:40.34
  Whats In Your Wallet Jmg Racing Hernandez R M 12.50   43/4 1:40.62
  Sound The Dogs Lopez U A 2.60   55 1:40.78
  Slept Thru The Storm The Freakshow Stanley A O 106.10   6 1:41.84

Track: Fast
Time: :24:482 1:134 1:393

$2 Mutuel Prices:

6 – Ashleys Honor 3.50 2.50 2.10
1 – Dyna Might   16.10 6.00
4 – Transcending     2.50

$1 Exacta: 6 – 1 Paid 26.40
$1 Trifecta: 6 – 1 – 4 Paid 104.90

Scratched: None

Dyna Might (Eagle Racing Stable) $5.00
Sound The Dogs (Jmac Stables) $5.00

More Bang For Your Buck



Dogs Bachelor Party continues to pump out some of the finest looking horses out of  Odessa, Florida. Just last night another fine young colt headed to Maletto Properties and Farms. This colt is out of Silvery Slew and looks to be a sure winner! Refining our Grey colored BLUEBLOODSTOCK, selling only the finest Grey horses in the south! There are still 3 publics available for $2.220 for qtr2.


Height: 15.1 Hands
Lumbosacral: Ideal
Stifles: Low
Rear Triangle: Ilium Shortest
Back Leg Soundness: Very Good
Humerus: Medium-Long
Humerus Angle: Medium
Front Leg Soundness: Very Good
Forehand: Light-Average

Latest Events

2012 Derby Prep Pickem Results
4/12/2012 – Congratulations to the following winners of the 2012 Derby Prep Pickem:
1.Denver Carrington
2.Titan Thoroughbreds
3.Hay Makers Inc.

Closest Time: (actual time 1:49.06)
Stone Cross 1:49.03
Wasteland Stables 1:49.09
Alberta Rose Stables 1:49.09

Latest Events

2012 Derby Prep Pickem 2 Results
4/17/2012 – Congratulations to the following winners of the 2012 Derby Prep Pickem 2:
2.Running Farms

Closest Time: (actual time: 1:48.73)
Salamanca Stable 1:48.72
Mo Mentum Farm 1:48.72

Chili Dogs For Lunch At KEE

Wisdom Ruler circles the field.

It was a beautiful day at KEE park as 5 horses lined up for the 9th running of the G2 $150.000 Beaumont Stakes. Wisdom Ruler showed he was wisest and The Chili King  Stables continues to impress not only with his chili but with his impact at with $1,500.000 in Graded Stakes winnings this year!

$2 Mutuel Prices:

4 – Wisdom Ruler 9.40 2.80 2.10
3 – Summer Apple   2.30 2.10
5 – Sheza Devils Act     2.10

$1 Exacta: 4 – 3 Paid 6.80
$1 Trifecta: 4 – 3 – 5 Paid 9.50

Scratched: None

KEE fBeaumt-G2 The Negdog Radio Network Vs The New World Order

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