4/11 Pick Of The Day

Our first public pick was a winnner yesterday! Check back daily for our pick of the day!

TAM Race 8 #1 Opicinas Puddle 9/2 First time at this distance. Use in exotics

$1 Exacta: 1 – 2 Paid $59.60 $1 Trifecta: 1 – 2 – 10 Paid $872.90

$11.90 $6.10 $3.90
11Apr12-8TAM fm 1 1/16 T :231 :471 1:112 1:411 Alw21.20N1X 1 53 42 42 11
Butler D P L 116 s 4.95 88-13 10

Kat Dog Finds A New Home

Duncan Farm

After recieving several site mails about Kat Dog I decided not on the highest bid but where I felt the horse would be tended to the best. As a breeder I must protect my bloodstock and Sire/Mares stats and not let the foal leaving Odessa end up in anyones hands. After contemplating on keeping I decided to send the trailer to DuncanFarm.  Sired from Dogs Bachelor Party out of Kapa Haka Kat the granddaughter of the infamous Kapa Haka, she will be resting in Lex, Ky. Good Luck to Duncan Farm and we will be following her career at The Florida Breeder News! Kat Dog was sold for $80.000.

Reasons Why Your Horse Lost

40 – Basics That Influence Horse Performance Listed here are some of the basic questions to initially consider when evaluating performance in races and works. These are things that can have an influence on horse performance or things that should be considered. It is not an all inclusive list but should give a good start and a good idea of things to look for. 1. Were the condition and stamina meters between 95 & 105? 2. Was the distance meter different? 3. Was the consistency meter different? 4. Was there a change in accessories or medications? 5. Is the horse carrying a different amount of weight? 6. Were different instructions used? 7. Was there a change in surface or track conditions? 8. Was there a change in distance run? 9. Was the work/race at a different track? 10. Did the actual pace change? 11. Was the horse positioned differently? 12. Did the horse step up in class or run against easier/tougher competition? 13. Did the horse have a wider trip? 14. Does the horse constantly seem to never live up to it works in races? 15. Was the time comparable to past works/races? 16. How did the finishing position compare versus the time? 17. Is the horse still young and more inconsistent? 18. How is the horse improving with age compared to other horses? 19. Did the horse get off to a bad start? 20. Was the horse influenced by traffic?

According to the rules of HRP these are the top variables that can effect your horse before & during the race.

Sorry Cant Wait Around

Gester G grabs the lead

Hey hey it was Gester G going all the way 1 mile 1/6th on the turf, as she grabbed the lead and never waited for the closers. The track bias was running up front today at GP and Hunterman Stables wins the 2012 Wait A While Stakes. Gester G now has $254.840 in career earnings! Showind the growth in FL racing, this race hasnt run since 2007.

Gester G Hunterman Stable Castellano J J 124 36.00 1:40.31
Surfer Excels Threshold Rocco J S Jr 122 12.00 1:40.48
Blame Game Mwn Racing Lopez P 117 9.60 1:40.99
Cleanupondevilsisle Eastern Equine Ferrer J C 122 2.40 1:41.07
Mr Zippy Night Mare Racing Cruz M R 122 1:41.09
Hold To The Truth TwinTowersRacing Bravo J 122 1:41.50
Full Of Drama Dagg Ranch Velazquez J R 117 1:42.57
Tezca Weka Quintis Racing Lezcano J 117 1:43.76

Track: Firm Scratched: Way Down Town

Breakfast Was Served

Grits And Gravy wins The Ocala Sophomore

On a beautiful day at TAM today The Ocala Sophmore led a day full of Stakes racing and it was Grits and Gravy the PA bred that was in the winners circle for brunch!

Grits And Gravy Spankys Barn Butler D P 120 45.00 1:22.79
Left Shoe Idolatry Razorback Racing Morales P 120 15.00 1:22.82
Plod Quintis Racing Cotto P L Jr 120 12.00 1:22.85
Sir Teddy Alberta Rose Stables Serpa A 120 3.00 1:23.15
Captain Death Ketners Pa Ranch De La Cruz F 120 1:23.45
Echos Of Love First Flight Stable VillGomez H 122 1:23.94

Track: Fast Scratched: None
Claimed: None

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