Dogs Grey Goose shows up @ FG

Dogs Grey Goose was game at FG as she moved up in class and was chasing Graded Stakes oppenent Chrystal Breeze. Lanfranco Stable’s had prepped her well for this race as she just could not close the ground but was very game at this level. This 3year old Grey filly sired by Dogs Bachelor Party out of Grey Warrior has now eclipsed $44.030 in career earnings. Look for her in her next spot!

Chrystal Breeze Maxmillion Farm Albarado R J 118 $25.80 1:28.52
Qox Desha Farms Lanerie C J 122 $8.60 1:29.14
Dogs Grey Goose Lanfranco Stable Napravnik R 118 $6.88 1:29.21
Shes Batman Serenity Stables Smith S (+1)119 $1.72 1:29.23
Jessicas Sins La Canada Racehorses Graham J 122 1:29.95
Sweet Miss Buddha Buddhabase Melancon G 118 1:29.96
War Pony Pennsville Farm Bridgmohan S X 120 1:30.10
Castle Peak Twister La Rosa Stables Eramia R E 118 1:30.23

Another Winner for DBP Foal!

Dogs Lava Lizard breaks @ MNR

At MNR as Dogs Lava Lizard owned and trained by Riggins Racing broke its Maiden with DL Parker aboard. It was the 34th winning foal by Dogs Bachelor Party. After stalking the leaders Dogs Lava Lizard set up the leaders around the final turn and dashed to the finish line.

Dogs Lava Lizard Riggins Racing Parker D L 118 :59.50
Silver Storm Spinetingling Pereira O M 113 :59.62
Forty Prayers Threshold Radosevich J 118 :59.64
Ticket To The Moon Riggins Racing Lumpkins J P 118 :59.76
Donkey Maybe Mountain View Stable Rivera L R 118 1:00.23
Fairway Freddy Spongebob Houghton T D 118 1:00.25
Kenyan Riggins Racing Loveberry J 118 1:01.15

Scratched: None
Claims: Silver Storm (D J C Racing Stables) $5.00

Girls Night Out is Number 33

She waited till her 6th race but Girls Night Out finally breaks her maiden at FG yesterday. Dropping from a MdnSpwt to a MdnClm30 she hung 2-3 lengths off the pace and closed and passed tiring rivals down the stretch. She became the 33rd winning foal by Dogs Bachelor Party. The 3 year old bay filly was claimed from Newmo40 by Mb Stables.

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Clockers Corner

Here are the top 2yr old works 5T @ TAM

1 General Barbarino Spongebob 02/26/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:00.36
2 Hellhound Negdog Racing 03/15/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:00.85
3 Jodi Black Ice Racing 03/10/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:01.18
4 Wanda Bates Mwn Racing 03/06/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:01.23
5 Pats Critics Spongebob 02/21/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:01.40
6 Rowdy Angel Black Ice Racing 03/03/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:01.49
7 Emerald Coast Black Ice Racing 03/12/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:01.67
8 Iceland Black Ice Racing 03/10/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:01.86
8 Claymore Black Ice Racing 03/10/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:01.86
10 Rowdy Roddy Black Ice Racing 03/10/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:02.03
11 Jezopote(1) Purrific Panthers 03/05/2012 TAM g. 2 H 1:02.27
12 Dogs McDouble Negdog Racing 03/12/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:02.30
13 Dogs Goldiva Negdog Racing 03/12/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:02.67
14 Stormy Atlantic Black Ice Racing 03/12/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:02.80
15 Dogs Lil Pixie Negdog Racing 03/12/2012 TAM f. 2 H 1:03.51
16 Classy Scot Spongebob 03/13/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:03.56
17 Dogs Ideal Son Negdog Racing 03/15/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:03.57
18 Italian Job Negdog Racing 03/15/2012 TAM c. 2 H 1:04.09

Clockers Corner

Here are the top 2 yr old workouts on the dirt @ 5f @ TAM

Workout Times – Track: TAM

1   Ericas Colors Mwn Racing   03/07/2012   TAM f. 2   B 1:00.92    
2   North To Alaska Spongebob   02/15/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:01.04    
3   Rowdy Angel Black Ice Racing   03/14/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.18    
4   Dogs Pacifier Negdog Racing   02/01/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.25    
5   Flaming Mars First Flight Stable   03/14/2012   TAM c. 2   B 1:01.32    
6   Pats Fearless Spongebob   02/14/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:01.35    
7   Forrestal Black Ice Racing   02/13/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:01.43    
8   Pats Fearless Spongebob   02/21/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:01.49    
9   Jodi Black Ice Racing   03/02/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.50    
10   Emerald Coast Black Ice Racing   02/12/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.57    
11   Jodi Black Ice Racing   02/21/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.72    
12   Flying Flowers Irishman Stables   03/14/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.73    
13   North To Alaska Spongebob   02/22/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:01.85    
14   Emerald Coast Black Ice Racing   03/02/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.86    
15   Kat Dog Negdog Racing   02/01/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:01.87    
16   Rowdy Roddy Black Ice Racing   02/28/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:01.93    
17   Jokers Cash Mains Boys   02/17/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:02.09    
18   Cosmotron jackrussell farms   02/03/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:02.16    
19   Dam Dufus Mains Boys   02/20/2012   TAM c. 2   H 1:02.19    
20   Iceland Black Ice Racing   02/28/2012   TAM f. 2   H 1:02.29    

Dogs Found Money is found resting in Odessa


After starting off 3-0 in his career including winning the 2010 MNR Juvenile & YAV TB Futurity Championships, this promising colt has been sent to the farm to rest his tiring muscles. After finishing 7th in his last race at TAM. Will he return or be sent to the breeding shed to join his father Dogs Bachelor Party. Dogs Found Money “The Pride of Odessa”

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