Dogs Search Party Gets 2nd

Dogs Search Party is stalked by Asian Flirt

On a rainy night @ MNR#26 Asian Flirt passed new stable mate Dogs Search Party down the stretch to win the fAlw0.00N2L. Claimed from Negdog Racing by Halo Thorughbreds for $6.250 last race came back in a strong effort with her new conditioner.

Dogs Search Party now has a lifetime record of:

LIFE 7 1 3 1 3.13 80

$2,000.000 Running Of The Roses

9th KYD-We look at the field of horses for this years first leg of the Triple Crown! Last years winner Willow Grove shocked the HRP world in the tough going. Will another upset happen today!

Here is a look at the field.

1 UserIcon Fleeting Torture Angelos Stable Berry M C
2 UserIcon Quench Double J Stables Bejarano R
3 UserIcon Righteous Eastern Equine Albarado R J
4 UserIcon Sunny Groom Pjr Farms Castanon J L
5 UserIcon Condottieri Jerry Garcia Racing Alvarado J
6 UserIcon Copper Bottom Diablo Diablo Baze R A
7 UserIcon Pan A Ram Captinj Borel C H
8 UserIcon Sector Seven Strangefate Stables Bridgmohan S X
9 UserIcon Winter Wonderland Barcelona Farms Wilson E J
10 UserIcon Luke Duke Jkk Racing Stables Elliott S
11 UserIcon Vroom Vroom Mb Stables Talamo J
12 UserIcon Champion Instincts Nynl Stables Dominguez R A
13 UserIcon Skeleton Key Pan Farms Desormeaux K J
14 UserIcon Byaneck Quintis Racing Espinoza V
SCR UserIcon Grand Solar Ken Allan – Scratch –
16 UserIcon Vouvray Australia Wide Velazquez J R
17 UserIcon Navy Brass Serenity Stables Solis A O
18 UserIcon Pegasus Endeavor Australia Wide Arroyo A S
19 UserIcon The Last Danz Alberta Rose Stables Gomez G K
20 UserIcon Rahyesque Strangefate Stables Nakatani C S
15 UserIcon Generals Road La Canada Racehorses Flores D R
AE UserIcon Christmas Bay Serenity Stables – Also Eligible –
AE UserIcon Cryptomagic Sanny Village – Also Eligible –

Breaking Records One Leg At A Time

Senior Conditioner/Handicapper for TFBN has backed his credentials showing the dogs at Team Odessa how its done! Giving great support and advice to our members Lanfranco Stable not only breaks the mold of your typical HRP owner, he has been breaking track records all of the digitaldirt(c)! Now with 4 current track records including:

World Series at Hol

1 1/16 T 1:38.40

World Series Sets A Track Record

Thanks Again at CRC

Wow O Wow at Pha

Snowy River at Tup

Latest Events

2012 KYD Pickem
5/04/2012 – 2012 KYD Pickem HorseRacingPark 2012 KYD Pickem is now available under contests->pickem. The SRF is sponsoring the pickem with 150 credits and 16 months worth of free SRF speed figures. 1st place will receive 100 credits and 3 months of free speed figures from the SRF in addition to 10 horse vouchers and entry into the handicapping finals in January. More details can be found below

Select 1 horse from each race. A wager will be placed on your selected horse (which will be recorded in the live odds) for $100 to win and $100 to place. You will receive 1 point in the contest for every dollar your wagers return. So for example, if a horse you selected returned $10.600 to win and $6.000 to place you would receive 530 points for the win and 300 points for the place since that is how much you would get back for your wagers. The winner will be decided by the player with the most total points. Ties will be broken by the player with the closest time to the winning time for The KYD – Grade I. All selections must be made prior to 10 minutes before the start of the first race. Prizes are as follows:
1st Place: $150.000 in credit(s), 10 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 2nd Place: $35.000 in credit(s), 6 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 3rd Place: $15.000 in credit(s), 4 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 4th Place: 2 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 5th Place: 1 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals
Closest Tie-Breaker Time: 1 Horse Voucher(s)
Additional Prizes: 1st-3rd – 3 months SRF 4th-10th – 1 month SRF

In the case of a scratched horse being selected, the favorite off the toteboard will be substituted in it’s place (the horse with the most money in the win pool). If there is a tie for the favorite the horse to the inside will be selected.

Questions & Answers With Revel Stables

We ran into Revel Stables on the backside of CD and wanted to ask him some questions about this Fridays $1,000.000 KY Oaks. His horse Demon Endeavor is a FL bred fillie who has won her last 2 Graded Stakes races.

We asked Revel these questions:

When you first decided to breed this horse how did you come up with the breeding pair?

I have had high hopes for Endeavor as a stud, so I matched up my best mares with distance capability and was lucky enough in his first shed duty to come out with two stars in Pegasus Endeavor & Demon Endeavor

How confident are you in HorseRacingPark’s breeding program?

Not been very confident as it resembles a crap shoot, but I think things are starting to show.  In my mind at least, I think I have more of an idea of what I want to breed to what to get a better % of what I want.

What farm was your horse born on?

Ftl, FL

Did you consider the Kentucky Derby?

Not really, I wanted her to dominate the filly’s and then maybe take on the boys – this race will do that

How do you feel your chances are in the race?

I think she has proven to be the class of the field in beating the two most raved about 3yo filly’s in the game back to back. I think she wins, but even in defeat I don’t think it dimishes what she has done to this point.

Who do you think is the tuffest competition?

Knights Princess was closing fast in last and even though I think DE will enjoy the added distance, you can’t dismiss the closing ability of KP.

If you win this race what are your plans for in the next race?

I am seriously thinking about the Belmont if she comes out of this well…We’ll see, I’m not AW 🙂

Thanks to Scott from Revel Stables for taking the time and answering our questions! Here at Team Odessa we will be rooting for our FL breds on race day!

Odessa Barn Open 21 Hours A Day


The Odessa Florida Breeder Association’s Negdog Racing reports of numerous transactions taking place at the north barn in the past week. Recent sales include Smoke Dog $15.000 Captinj, Odessa Dog $14.000 , HipTag689885872128 $4.220 Tacaro Farm, Dear Old Dog $2.220, Big Dog On The Block $30.000, also Dogs Bachelor Party sold out for qtr2 and recent mares leased include Up Yours, Origin of Symmetry & Christmas Bird. Thanks to all of those who visited and look for new horses up for sale and public offerings daily!

9th Running Of The G1 KY Oaks

This years 9th running of the G1 KY Oaks features the top 3 year old fillies of the season. An impressive field hits the grueling dirt at CD. Horses from all over the country represented mostly by the State of California, Including Florida Breds Demon Endeavor and Cal Golden Bear. A 13 horse field with some of the best conditioners at HorseracingPark square off for a purse of $1,000.000. Paradise Stable has won back to back Oaks trophies with Rythm Line and Funky Music can Tresh pull off the three-peat this year with Zero Game? Big Tony The Florida Breeder News top handicapper analyzes this years race:


1 UserIcon Forbidden Pleasure (LA) Razorback Racing (LA) (12.1%)Leparoux J R   Coming off 2 consecutive wins including a 2 length win in the G2 GPOaks. Can this LA homebred filly handle the rail? WR 105 $220.240 CLASS: 73.33
2 UserIcon Demon Endeavor( *FL) Revel Stables (FL) (7.8%)Graham J   This TC nominated Florida HomeBred Black filly has run vs the best her whole career and will be a major factor. Owner/Jockey 100% WR 110 $768.730 CLASS: 94.66
3 UserIcon Cal Golden Bear (*FL) Maverick Racing (FL)(13.9%)Albarado R J Another FL Homebred who had a strong finish last race in the SUN Derby(2nd) but is facing her stiffest competition to date. Does Maverick have her ready? WR 101 $187.000 CLASS: 71.33
4 UserIcon All Of The Lights (KY) Australia Wide  (38.5%)Gomez G K TC nominated Multiple Graded Stakes Winner coming off a 2nd in the IL Derby. Sold for $900.000. Impressive workout at WO. Will The King be running on HL? WR 108 $538.940 CLASS: 85.23
5 UserIcon Pretty Sankee (LA) Blushing Meadows(15.7%)Bejarano R 3 wins in a row including 2 G1 Stakes SAOaks & LasVir at SA. 4th owner/conditioner with a slow workout coming in but natural closer. Does this horse have enough heart? WR 112 $391.820 CLASS: 81.56
6 UserIcon Knights Princess(WV) Quintis Racing  (9.7%)Napravnik R This TC & BC nominated WV autogen filly was recently sold for $1,450.000 and has always been racing against the best. Combined 8.1% parent GSW. Play in all exotics. WR 109 $798.820 CLASS: 94.96
7 UserIcon Numero Ena (*CAL) Pumpkin Racing(16.8%)Flores D R BC nominated bay filly shows she like CD with a strong bullet workout 1/30 :58.40 on 4/30. Can she keep this pace ofr this distance? Good recent form could she step up on race day? WR 105 $489.960 CLASS: 82.33
8 UserIcon Heavenly Miss (*CAL) Diablo Diablo (*CAL)(19.1%)Elliott S BC Nominated homebred takes a step up in class but likes to go long. Finished 2nd last race in the G2 SA Oaks. Will Elliot be a decider? WR 104 $141.960 CLASS: 70.40
9 UserIcon Busted Laff (ON) Ken Allan(21.4%)Velazquez J R Another off tracker who has never won a Graded Stakes race but has class. Came up short last race in ther G1 AR Derby to Condottieri. GSW Bloodline. WR 104 $596.440 CLASS: 86.54
10 UserIcon Dazzling Di (*CAL) Dynark Stables(18.3%)Castellano J J Bred for the Off Track this filly is always game on race day. Only facing G3 competition may be a class factor come post time. Dynark prays for rain. Outclassed. WR 102 $126.670 CLASS: 70.55
11 UserIcon Zero Game(*CAL) Paradise Stable(11.4%)Espinoza V Front runner who has more game than his name suggests. Could she go box to wire? V Espinoza gets the call and could ride her to victory. WR 104 $301.250 CLASS: 76.04
12 UserIcon Rosetta (PA) Dynark Stables(18.3%)Borel C H Coming Back to CD where she won her last Graded Stakes race, Dynark calls on C Borel again to get this filly back on track. Needs Lots of breaks. WR 102 $153.840 CLASS: 69.46
13 UserIcon Predatory Lending (LA) Maverick Racing(13.9%)Bridgmohan S X Maverick Racing gives this LA bred filly a tuff trip from the outside post vs unseen class. Racing mostly in statbred her whole career doesnt figure to be a factor. WR 103 $109.780 CLASS: 72.32 The Negdog Radio Network Vs The New World Order

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