McRain Is No Problem For McGruff!

Dogs McGruff hunkers down!

NegDog’s love the rain and Dogs McGruff blew past the tiring rivals in the final furlong at PHA. After trailing by 11 lengths Dogs McGruff waited till the final turn and dug in down thee stretch going away! Threshold dropped him in class from Alw races to a Clm16.00(16-14)N2L and closed on the early speed. Dogs McGruff became the 15th repeat winner for Dogs Bachelor Party who has eclipsed the $1,000.000 in foal earnings now and is ranked #45 in third year sires!

Going Mudding

Flaming Mars wins by a neck over Dogs Mafioso

The track was muddy and sticky today at TAM as 8 2yr olds lined up for the 2f drag race in the mud! Flaming Mars won by a neck at the wire. Dogs Mafioso was 2nd and Djeba finished 3rd. Click on the viewer buttons to watch the replay!

Race #2 12:25
2 Furlongs Dirt Maiden Special Weight Purse $20.00 Open 2 Year Olds.
  Form Race View 2D View HRP Live View 3D
##   Horse Name Owner Name Jockey Odds   Fin Time SRF
  Flaming Mars First Flight Stable Centeno D E 9.45   1nk :23.33  
  Dogs Mafioso Negdog Racing Morales P 4.80   2hd :23.38  
  Djeba Saratoga Stud Serpa A 8.20   31/2 :23.42  
  Exclusive Notice Riggins Racing Pedroza B 1.30   41/2 :23.56  
  Anni Luvs Her Ravens Sanny Village Martinez W 5.95   5hd :23.70  
  Bold Crossfire Wild Aces Stables Coa D 12.65   6nk :23.74  
  Autocracy jackrussell farms Rocco J S Jr 10.20   71 :23.81  
  Hunch D J C Racing Stables Feliciano R 14.50   8 :24.03  

Track: Muddy
Time: :114 :231

$2 Mutuel Prices:

4 – Flaming Mars 20.90 11.70 9.10
2 – Dogs Mafioso   7.70 6.00
7 – Djeba     6.70

$1 Exacta: 4 – 2 Paid 71.80
$1 Trifecta: 4 – 2 – 7 Paid 567.10

Scratched: Golf Outing


Ouch That Hurts

Paying For Torture breaks clean.

No pain No gain and Paying For Torture goes box to wire and wins the 2012 Appalachian Stakes!

Race #1 18:05 Appalachian – Grade III
1 Mile Turf Stake Purse $122.50 Filly 3 Year Olds.
  Form Race View 2D View HRP Live View 3D
##   Horse Name Owner Name Jockey Odds   Fin Time SRF
  Paying For Torture 30west Desormeaux K J 7.25   13/4 1:33.91
  Serial Number Duncan Farm Velazquez J R 10.30   21 1:34.07
  Cydonia Laffin Nakamura Stables Cruz M R 5.85   31/2 1:34.27
  Knights Temper SamIam Solis A O 7.25   41 1:34.42
  Shimoon Kapai Ekli Stable Rosario J 4.70   5hd 1:34.74
  Hucklebuck jackrussell farms Borel C H 26.60   61/4 1:34.77
  Laffin Lucy Frozen Tundra Graham J 3.75   73/4 1:34.86
  Funloving Robeth Castanon J L 17.50   81 1:35.01
  Hold The Music D J C Racing Stables Gomez G K 9.80   92 1:35.24
  Holdtheline Scorpion Stables Pedroza Mar 11.75   10no 1:35.81
  Classic Crown Pumpkin Racing Albarado R J 16.55   11 1:35.83

Track: Firm
Time: :224 :461 1:102 1:334

$2 Mutuel Prices:

3 – Paying For Torture 16.50 8.60 5.50
9 – Serial Number   10.70 6.40
11 – Cydonia Laffin     4.70

$1 Exacta: 3 – 9 Paid 82.10
$1 Trifecta: 3 – 9 – 11 Paid 498.50

Scratched: Girl Wilde

Ladies Night at SA

Girls Night Out swings 5 wide

California was beautiful and the track was packed. A Purse of $30.000 (plus up to $9.00 for CA-breds) For Fillies Three Years Old as a field of 6 fillies hit the starting gate. A starter allowance race and most of the horses coming off claimers. But it was one owner who hogged up all the ladies as Mb Stables gets the 1-2 punch. Coming from off the pace Malevolent Miss split horses and drove gamely to the wire. Girls Night Out a Dogs Bachelor Party filly swung 5 wide and ran out of dirt but got up for 2nd! Riggins Racing’s Alex Is Back hung on for the show.

$2 Mutuel Prices:

4 – Malevolent Miss 13.00 5.20 3.40
2 – Girls Night Out   3.20 2.40
1 – Alex Is Back     3.20

$1 Exacta: 4 – 2 Paid 12.90
$1 Trifecta: 4 – 2 – 1 Paid 104.60

Scratched: None

36th Winner For Dogs Bachelor Party

Dogs Ey Baby Baby wins her debut @ CRC

Team Odessa’s #1 Sire Dogs Bachelor Party(5)publics for $2.22 (qtr2) has now gone 2-0 with his crop of 2 year olds for 2012. After Kat Dog won her debut at GP a few weeks ago her half sister Dogs Ey Baby Baby wins in the exact same manner and becomes the 36th different winner he has sired. Jumping clean out of the gate with a half length lead at the 1 F pole. Dogs Ey Baby Baby battled neck and neck with Explosive Dateline. She seemed to give up the lead only to battle back and nose up for a dead heat at the wire! Check out her unraced siblings for sale in the PVT SALES tab. Negdog Racing reports of more winners to come!

The Field Is Set For Saturday

The 7th running of the $100.000  Giants Causeway Stakes race features some of the fastest 3+up  Turf  Bombers at HRP. Last years winner Persian Paradise took advantage of the off track and won, will this years weather play a factor in the race? Make sure you check out our WEATHER tab for the current 5 day forecast links. Here is a look at this years field.

Race Description: fGntsCw100.00

  Kapok   Simmer Down Stable   Leparoux J R   125      
  Steady Current   Black N Gold Stable   Prado E S   125      
  Know How   Chili King Stables   Desormeaux K J   125      
  Comet   Robeth   Castanon J L   117      
  Twirling Candy   Dynark Stables   Bridgmohan S X   125      
  Easy Shanking   Quintis Racing   Graham J   125      
  Sirius   Kopites   Cruz M R   117      
  Queens Throne   Chateau Gill   Albarado R J   125      
  Dogs Baby Shower   Mfm Stables   Gomez G K   117      
  Spanish Senorita   Pumpkin Racing   Mena M   117 The Negdog Radio Network Vs The New World Order

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