Supply & Demand

The demand for FL breds has increased and sales at The Odessa Florida Virtual Breeders Association has followed suit. Recent sales include Grande Cane Rosso $1.220 Snowball & Platinum Dog $25.000 D J C Racing. Look for more foal for sale under the PVT Sales tab! Good luck to all the new trainers!


Young King Was Crowned

Spanish Crowned wires the field!

Spanish Crowned a 3year old Black colt out of Dark Lady a Negdog Racing mare, won weds night @ CT.  Owned by new conditioner and The Florida Breeder News subscriber D J C Racing, the black colt came firing out of the gate, leading box to wire winning by 1 length, Spanish Crowned got his 2nd career win. Spanish Crowned now has $47.190 in career earnings.

Track Condition: Fast

Race Description: Alw28.00N1X
Spanish Crowned D J C Racing Stables Almodovar G 113 $16.80 :51.66
Thread Of Gold Miata Farm Peltroche E (+2)115 $5.04 :51.90
Tequila Zebra Ontario Racing Dunkelberger T L 113 $5.04 :51.90
Tiz Da One Carterland Stable Acosta J D 113 $1.12 :52.61

Scratched: None
Claims: None.

To Breed & Sell or Race

Australia Wide

It is a tough decision for breeders across the virtual horse racing world. When a quality foal comes along such as Dogs Hansen, a tough decision must be made by the breeder to race their new foal or to sell to a top conditioner who is showing interest in the young colt. As of race time Dogs Hansen was sitting as the post time favorite for race #1 @ CRC today. A $25.000 maiden claimer Dogs Hansen was sure to be claimed as several owners had already informed me of there entry into the shake. Looking for a win on the racing side I had dropped him from a msw$20.000 @ TAM to the mdnClaimer$25.000 looking to scoop up a purse and get my foal claimed. There is one problem to that, who would end up with the foal? This is a very important key to the success of breeding. The more wins and money your foal earn on the trackside the more people will want to breed or buy the foal of certain parents. Being in the game for 2.5 years I started getting my best foal into top conditioners and my foal I bred started getting more wins and my studs & mares started picking up more foal earnings. Being more experienced as a geneticist and breeder than a racer, we made an executive decision to move to the breeding side more until we mastered the racing/training side. Learning more through different training methods and testing them out ourselves has increased work times and personal race results. However when the opportunity finally rose for one of my best looking horses to get in the hands of s all time best trainer Australia Wide with over $145,000.000 in career earnings. I had to jump on the opportunity and scratched Dogs Hansen and shipped him out to . Having zero adds tested and the possiblity in running in higher classed races with the digital dirts top conditoner was one I couldnt pass on. We are looking forward to see where “The King” ends up racing Dogs Hansen next and how far will he take him?! Will he be our first horse to run in the TC? Only time will tell!

Going Fishing

The claimer world in virtual horse racing is a lot like fishing. You could end up with nothing on your hook or you may reel in a keeper! At PHA on monday Randall and Strawberry Grouper were both claimed for $5.000 and look forward to there new homes! Triptik closed on the early speed and won for 30west.

Track Condition: Firm

Claims: Randall (Sharis Stables) $5.000 Strawberry Grouper (Alberta Rose Stables) $5.000

Race Description: Clm5.000
Triptik 30west Carmouche K 118 $15.000 1:28.15
Flaming Rush Pjr Farms Arroyo A S 112 $5.000 1:28.30
Randall Triple K Frey K 118 $4.000 1:28.93
Strawberry Grouper Negdog Racing Alvarado R Jr 112 $1.000 1:29.01
Ten Nine Eight Big Jd Racing Elliott S 118 1:29.47

Burning The Midnight Oil

Negdog Racing was up late last night continuing to monitor expecting mares. As foal are selling out fast Team Odessa has had to replace empty juvenile stalls. The Odessa Florida Breeders Association new facility is equipped with 100 juvenile stalls, 200 climate controlled mare stalls, 10 standing sire stalls across from the 200 racing stall and training facility including synthetic course and training pools. Check current mares up for public lease and private sale along with current public standing sire En Zed 4(5)publics left for only $1.220.

Recent Sales Include: Dogs Hansen $42.500 Australia Wide, Odessa Outlaw $2.500, Witch Craft $17.220 Angelos Stable, Monarchos Dog $19.000,


Taintzkaya $25.000 Robeth, & Starman $1.220 Ashwood Farms.

New Foal Born:Amaretto, Fulmine, Dogs Platinum Blonde, Platinum Dog, & Rednose Pitbull. If interested in any foal please send a site mail or offer through pvt sales.

Mares for lease: Beth Beachie, Candy Break, Cigar City Cheri, Dance The Night Away, Snookums & more!

Big Dog Back In Action

AP Jetz passes Big Dogs In Trouble

After finishing third in The Costa Rising Stakes, Big Dogs In Trouble places behind AP Jetz at LAD. AP Jetz came from off the pace and drove past Big Dogs In Trouble down the stretch.

Track: Fast Time: :231  :461  1:101  1:222
$2 Mutuel Prices:

3 – A P Jetz 7.20 3.20 2.30
2 – Big Dogs In Trouble 2.70 2.20
1 – Boss Of Love 2.50

$1 Exacta: 3 – 2 Paid 9.30 $1 Trifecta: 3 – 2 – 1 Paid 30.10

LIFE 23 3 6 3 30.09 86
2012 3 0 1 1 16.06 89
2011 15 2 5 2 13.64 89
WET 1 0 1 0 0.00 88
TURF 9 2 3 0 7.04 83
LONG 9 1 2 1 21.79 85

Recent Winners


WO9  Laughing Face Chili King Stables $150.000    BEL3  General Advice La Canada Racehorses $100.000    BEL2  Incendiary Chili King Stables $100.000    GG2  Dam Shes Noisy Eastern Equine $75.000    WO8  Charley Horse Yahudi Stables $70.300    WO7  Tornado Tess Yahudi Stables $70.300    HOL1  Breaking Dawn Blaze Fish Stables $70.000    WO3  T S Vegas Triple K $67.100    WO2  Gulf Typhoon Blushing Meadows $67.100    WO1  Crown Victory Dynark Stables $58.600 The Negdog Radio Network Vs The New World Order


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