The Big D Show Live from The Studios Episode 351 03/25 by Negdog Radio | Sports Podcasts

On todays show Big D is Back talking more spots music and more! Call in to the studio line to request a song or speak with our host and guests! NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL and more! Who is your favorite wrestler of all time?!

Source: The Big D Show Live from The Studios Episode 351 03/25 by Negdog Radio | Sports Podcasts

The Big D Show Live from The Studios Episode 350 03/24 by Negdog Radio | Sports Podcasts

The Negdog Radio Network iS back live on the air and Big D is here to bring it back with a bang! The Big D show and March Madness is ON AIR and were talking college hoops, Lightning Hockey, Tampa Bay Bucs football and more! Call in with your question or to request a song!! Join us in the Dog Pound Chat Room below! Subscribe to our Blogtalk station! Check out our web site CALL 646-564-9658

Source: The Big D Show Live from The Studios Episode 350 03/24 by Negdog Radio | Sports Podcasts



In Search of Black Assassins




“WHY US? WHY BLACK PEOPLE?,”Chris asks, when the nature of Rose’s parents’ plans is finally explained to him. That didn’t come from me. It’s in the movie placed directly, right smack dead in your face. “GET OUT” is an organized and planned scientificSatanic- DemonicAttack against Black People!

It is openly designed to attack your self esteem, and self worth. It subliminally tell Black People  that they’re not wanted, and to “GET OUT!Out of Sight- Out of Mind. It viciously discriminates, denigrates, humiliate, and MOCK Black People just like the scary and frightened racial offensive and stereotypical  LITTLE BLACK SAMBO. 

Get Out” is no comedy. It is a serious clandestinerace based horror movie“. Varietydescribes the movie as a

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Angelina Jolie’s adoption papers for son Maddox were FAKED


Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ How interesting is this??.. Especially when combined with all the info coming out about Hollywood…

source Yahoo News

Angelina Jolie has found herself at the centre of a distressing documentation row surrounding the adoption of her eldest child, Maddox.

The star and her then-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, took full custody of Maddox, who is now 15, in 2003 and a local aid charity worker has now claimed that he signed the official papers in Cambodia saying that he is Maddox’s father.

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Angelina has six children.

According to The Sun, Mounh Sarath holds an adoption document filed with a court in the Battambong province that states that he officially has power of attorney over the child.

Mounh says that he has now fallen out with Angelina, telling the publication: “I would be happy if Cambodia didn’t see her again.


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Johnson & Johnson sued after their antipsychotic drug caused men to grow breasts

The Most Revolutionary Act

Source: Natural News

Over 100,000 patients are suing Johnson & Johnson and their pharmaceutical division Janssen for damages resulting from the use of the drug Risperdal. The lawsuits stem from evidence that taking the drug has caused male patients to suffer from the condition gynecomastia, which causes not only significant weight gain but also the development of breasts. There is also substantial evidence that the company was aware of these adverse effects and did not properly warn the public.

Image: Johnson & Johnson sued after their antipsychotic drug caused men to grow breasts

Risperdal has been prescribed by doctors to treat schizophrenia in adults and adolescents, bipolar disorder in adults and children between the ages of 10-17, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) sufferers of various ages, and for dementia-related psychosis in elderly adults. The FDA approved the drug in 1993 for adults, but it wasn’t until 2006 that it received approval to sell the medication to children. Evidence has shown that J&J was…

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What Happened to Obama Era Of Mass Shootings Under the Trump Administration?

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

It has been horrific to watch all mass shootings in America over the last 8 years. Everyone has been traumatized by the images of carnage week in and week out. Have you noticed these mass shootings are no longer happening in America?

In any political environment, it is important to observe what is actually happening not just what is being said. This is an observation only. Considering all the Machiavellian possibilities. Looking through history, it would be naïve not to question the surge of mass shootings in the Obama era in this context.

Under the Obama Administration, mass shootings were up many times over any previous president. A constant bombardment of horrific incidents involving mass shootings was endured by the public during the last 8 years. It seemed…

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You can’t deny the truth!!!

In Search of Black Assassins



I haven’t seen either 2017 Academy Awards celebrated HollyWeird “special black experience films“, Moonlight or Fences, but I had the Blues, anyhow.  The films, Fences and Moonlight, have been dropped in our collective laps as the “black experience” like the alleged Dallas police sniper Micah Xavier Johnson, and the Baton Rouge police killer, Gavin Eugene Long as if we own them all. Right in the middle of trying to make sense of LUCIFER’S pathological lying son, Donald J. Drumpf and PIZZAGATE, the global mass population psychological warfare and mind manipulating projects, Fences and Moonlight, dropped in our laps covertly, directly with those with eyes to see, attacking the image, re-imaging and subliminally color coding America’s “Black Males“- big and small.

Pursuant to the SS Nazi Germany Dachau Concentration Camp Color…

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“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981

Reality; No Longer The True Reality

Reality, typically defined as; the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined. Our current reality is backwards according to the

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