Antifa Video Reveals Plans To Trap Conservatives In ‘Kill Zones’ And Shoot Them

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


An undercover reporter has obtained footage showing Antifa organizers secretly plotting to lure conservatives into ‘kill zones’ and then shoot them with guns. 

Radio host Steve Crowder recently went undercover to covertly film the domestic terrorist group. The disturbing footage, shown below, reveals how Antifa are planning the mass killing of conservatives in the coming months. reports:  Watch the video below and you’ll get a sense of where Antifa is headed. These people — all of whom are deranged, left-wing lunatics who have been radicalized by late-night TV and the mainstream media — have dedicated themselves to committing whatever violence is necessary to silence voices of reason across America. These people are also, of course, complete idiots: They accuse Ben Shapiro — a Jew — of being a Nazi, and they confuse capitalism with fascism. (They probably also think Princess Leia is a KKK member because she wears white robes…

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The Chertoff Connection: Las Vegas || Jack Mullen


A Facebook friend of James Henry Fetzer put a link to a comment in a forum called Politically Incorrect in the FB comment line under one Fetzer’s articles about the Las Vegas shooting. This was of interest because Stephanie Sledge had been connecting the shooting dots in Las Vegas to expanding State agendas to further impede restrict activities of the people in America; look for her article soon.
I am not saying the information in this anonymous post is the truth, but it does make sense and is consistent with the story, lets explore this idea.
At the time of the shooting in Las Vegas, the United States Congress was considering a bill making gun ownership easier and consistent with the US Constitution. The bill, called “The Sportsman’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement Act” was expected to pass congress and be made ready for President Trump to sign soon.

The bill

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On this Sunday May 27 2012 Negdog @negdog has the Host of ‘Keeping It Real’ special guest Jeris Mcyntire aka ‘Jmac’. Former NFL player and Local Tampa Legend! We will be talking football and ‘Keeping It Real’ Especially calling all Tigers & War Damn Eagles from The Auburn University! If you can run with the Biggest Dog then stay on the porch! The Negdog Radio Network is ‘Sure To Bite!’ (c) EPISODE 1

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Negdog Radio presents our first ever test show! Negdog @negdog is Talking about local sports entertainment and more. Featuring Top Athletes and Entertainers from across the globe! From the hottest Teams and players and supporting up and coming talent! 10am EST! Live Call In with our special guest Coach Kerry Bender! ‘Sure To Bite!’ I’ll Have Another runs for the Triple Crown! Will Ill Have Another be able to use his nasal strips in the race? Special mix by DJ Axelito, Songs by G-Unit! The Negdog Radio Network where sports & politics go mono y mono in the trenches! If you cant run with the Biggest Dog then stay on the porch! ‘Sniffing Out The Lies Of The Parasitic Elite & Digging Up Bones On The New World Order!

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In Search of Black Assassins



On Tuesday, September 19, 2017, Old Angel Heart– U.S. President select Donald J. Drumpf addressed the United Nations, and the reviews are mixed. He talked about doomsday, groom; and the U.S. blatant slaughter and overkill of a significant number of people of color, the Asian Korean people, for a second time!  Why? The Korean people refused to be an American Colony.  They refuse to be dominated by White Satanic Nationalism warped inside an enigma of American Imperialism.

The first time, U.S. Air Forceestimated that North Korea’s destruction during the U.S. war invasion, and aggression in the country from 1950- 1953 was proportionately greater than that of Japan in the Second World War, where the U.S. had turned 64 major cities to rubble and used the atomic bomb to destroy two others. American planes dropped 635,000 tons of…

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Negdog Radio War vs The Core-Episode 346 08/10 by Negdog Radio | Sports Podcasts

On this Weds August 10th, Negdog @negdog is back in the trenches with The Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor for our 2016 Back To School Special!!! What has Fed Ed and the Common Core Bullies have up thier sleeves for your children this school year1 From Purple Penguins to Flying Pigs, nothing is stranger than the truth! Call in to speak with our special guest! Teachers, Parets, Admins this is a must listen too show!

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In Search of Black Assassins


Man. They really tried to kill Brother Huey with their Magick.  The Black Panther, in itself, is a mystic mysterious animal. Brother Bobby said that they adopted the panther as a symbol because it was solidarity and wanted only to be left alone. Push it up against the wall, it’s one of the most fearless and powerful defenders known to man.

But, they were truly afraid of Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party for Self Defense (BPP). They knew from the very beginning that they couldn’t get close to him spiritually or physically with their False Gods and Magick.  It wasn’t that he didn’t believe it. You see. Brother Huey was a very remarkable man, and historic figure. He was among a rare and special breed of men born in the 20th century. The masses loved him.

Huey was universal Love & Magic without…

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“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981

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