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The Big D Show Saturday Tailgate Ver 1.12 01/16 by swiftneg | Sports Podcasts

#DraftKings question of the day Studios Presents: The Big D Show Be sure to check out the show and come hang out with us as we tailgate this saturday NFL playoff action Patriots vs Chiefs & Packers vs Cardinals Ill be giving you my winners and #DFS plays. You wont wanna miss out Call in live to get your voice heard!!

Source: The Big D Show Saturday Tailgate Ver 1.12 01/16 by swiftneg | Sports Podcasts

Recent Winners

Recent Race Winners
SA5 Visa Vice Mb Stables 500.00
BEL2 Secret Danzer Mb Stables 300.00
SA4 Soviet Lake Rheingold Stables 300.00
PRM3 Kairos Mb Stables 300.00
PRM2 Kremlin Kruzer Alegria 250.00
SA3 Miss Graceful Alegria 200.00
CD6 T S Born Alegria 200.00
BEL1 Busted Laff Riggins Racing 200.00
PRM1 A Class Angie Night Rider Stables 200.00
AP6 One Eagle Chili King Stables 150.00

Canadian @ CRC

Canadian Racing had a great day with 2 big wins @ CRC….  Hot Gin & Margerets Whisky won $56.000 in purse money!n Here are some other winners from yesterday across

Recent Race Winners
BEL1  Bala Roja Rockitpad 55.00
CD3  Hehehe Maxmillion Farm 52.00
CD1  Silver Spoon Night Mare Racing 50.00
CD4  Cormorant Invicta Group Llc 28.00
 Vandal Mb Stables
CRC4  Dream Companion Nakamura Stables 28.00
CRC1  Hot Gin Canadian Racing 28.00
LAD4  Baby My Control Ekli Stable 22.00
LAD1  Secret Sector Strangefate Stables 21.00
CRC2  Margerets Whisky Canadian Racing 19.50
CD2  Hillbilly Bear Big V Stables 19.30

Weekend Wrap Up

It was a busy weekend at as Mb Stables continues to dominate winning another big Graded Stakes Race. Jesse James recently purchased from Night Rider Stables for $600.00 instantly get a nice return under its new conditioner.

BEL4  Jesse James Mb Stables 750.00
BEL3  Brandy Punch Night Mare Racing 400.00
BEL2  Lovin Warrior Canadian Racing 300.00
LS5  Mill That Bird Silver Star Stables 300.00
BEL1  General Rose Blushing Meadows 200.00
HOL2  Unlisted Number Choppy Inc. 100.00
CD4  Anna Valentine Night Rider Stables 100.00
GG5  Rabble Rouser Paradise Stable 100.00
MTH8  Lucky Old Lady BomBay Stables 60.00
MTH7  Lady Pepper Los Daboin 60.00

Recent Winners


WO9  Laughing Face Chili King Stables $150.000    BEL3  General Advice La Canada Racehorses $100.000    BEL2  Incendiary Chili King Stables $100.000    GG2  Dam Shes Noisy Eastern Equine $75.000    WO8  Charley Horse Yahudi Stables $70.300    WO7  Tornado Tess Yahudi Stables $70.300    HOL1  Breaking Dawn Blaze Fish Stables $70.000    WO3  T S Vegas Triple K $67.100    WO2  Gulf Typhoon Blushing Meadows $67.100    WO1  Crown Victory Dynark Stables $58.600

Recent Winners


CD12  Cryptomagic Sanny Village $2,000.000    CD11  Iron Kaki Chateau Gill $500.000    CD10  Bold Gold Alberta Rose Stables $400.000    CD9  Avery Island Mwn Racing $300.000    CD8  Colour Me Blue Yahudi Stables $200.000    HOL4  Four Minute Man Nakamura Stables $150.000    BEL3  Gester G Hunterman Stable $150.000    BEL2  Caer Caveral Dynark Stables $150.000    WO9  Souls Been Sold Maxmillion Farm $150.000    CD7  Forty Niner Gold Angelos Stable $125.000


CD11  Numero Ena Pumpkin Racing $1,000.000    CD10  Madame Butterfly Dynark Stables 300.00    CD9  Bcc War Eagle Maverick Racing 300.000    CD8  Motivator Mm Racing $200.000    CD7  Shes Demonic Serenity Stables 150.000    CD6  Shesofine Chili King Stables 100.00      Go Force Dynark Stables    WO7  Shift Of Power Mb Stables $79.700    WO9  Seven Years Alydar Stables 70.300    WO8  Lose It Alberta Rose Stables 70.030    WO4  Bred Like Royalty TwinTowersRacing $67.100      Atherton Alydar Stables

4/29 Recent Winners

04/29 WO fFurySt150.00 7f 150.00   Hehehe (Maxmillion Farm)    04/29 HOL fWilHcp-G3 1m(T) 100.000   Ruby Valentine (Chateau Gill)    04/29 WO OClm80/N0X/N4X 1 1/16m(T) 79.700   Kemo Sobay (Hay Makers Inc.)    04/29 WO Alw55.90N2L 6f 55.900   King Rochan (Maxmillion Farm)    04/29 WO fClm40.000(40-37.5)N2L 6f(T) 47.700   Energyzer (Salamanca Stable)    04/29 PHA fAlw47.000N1X 1 1/16m(T) 47.000   Fangorn (Boomtown)  Freakily Yours (Pocket Aces Racing)    04/29 BEL fAlw42.000N1X 7f(T) 42.000   Imma Be A Wild Thing (Wild Aces Stables)    04/29 BEL fMdSpWt40.00 7f(T) 40.000   Chino (Night Mare Racing)

4/28 Recent Winners

04/28 HOL fMelair300.000 1 1/8m 300.000   Troubled Summer (Downwind Stables)    04/28 HOL SnwChf300.000 1 1/8m 300.000   Wounded In Action (Rouge River Stables)    04/28 CD DrbyTr-G3 1m 200.000   Chrystal Wizard (Maxmillion Farm)    04/28 LS TXMile-G3 1m 200.000   Flying By (Pan Farms)    04/28 BEL Westch-G3 1m 150.000   Naturaliste (Jpe Stable)    04/28 GG SFMile-G3 1m(T) 150.000   Bold Pretender (Chili King Stables)    04/28 HOL Tiznow125.000 7 1/2f 125.000   Signgate (Eagle Racing Stable)    04/28 HOL fBThght125.000 7 1/2f 125.000   Ka Ka Kaboom (Dynark Stables)