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Attention Readers, Subscribers, Listeners

We have a call to action! With so much information or disinformation coming in, I ask all readers to comment, leave links, email, call in to the live shows with your information or what you believe to be true! This is a crazy and exciting time to be alive but we have to surround ourselves with people who are truly here for the right reason! If you think someone is a mole or Op, call them the fuck out! In this  crazy time I have decided to slow down on the amount of information released publicly. On the new site we will have a subscriber feature available only to like minded people. If your not willing to stand for something you will fall down for anything! My contact information has not changed and we will continue to post SPECIFIC articles of what we believe to be News worthy. We reserve all our rights to free speech and all of our other rights to educate and inform! It is for newsmaker purpose only and not intended to violate any local, state or federal laws. Like Jesus died for us I am willing to do the same for you! I may be persecuted for no reason but let it be known to the world that I am only hear to spread the TRUTH! Thanks for your continued support and please buy the books featured on our site through our site!!

Caller Tony confronts the New World Order

Earlier in the week on the show our caller Tony was disconnected during our show. He found out it was someone doing it intentionally! Here is a video from Nepal!! Please pray for Tony! Everyone is a Negdog in the fight vs the evil in the world!!!


Belgium: 12-year old Merkel Muslims involved in sex attacks on train

Muslim are sex-addicts, like their pervy pedo prophet. . . Migrant sex attacks: Refugees as young as TWELVE arrested over assaults on women AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after refugees as young as 12 YEARS OLD were arrested in connection with sexual assaults against women on a train. By Selina Sykes


Negdog Sniffs Out Another Illuminati Shill

While on CIA run Facebooger the other day I found another Illuminati shill Kuam Steven posing as a “light bearer” for these scumbags. I exposed last year the fugazi “Illuminati” book out of Texas and the shills behind the web site and publications. Sheeple will look for anything to get ahead instead of through hard work and dedication. This deception is exactly what these evil scum bags want! Don’t be a sucker! Hell No to the NWO> #FuckTheIlluminati! See this guy on Facebook? What a Fugazi! Invited him to come on the show but he ran like the chicken shit he is! Claiming to be a world leader for these gibroni’s! Once again Negdog sniffs out another liar and Illuminati shill!

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