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Latest Events

2012 KYD Pickem
5/04/2012 – 2012 KYD Pickem HorseRacingPark 2012 KYD Pickem is now available under contests->pickem. The SRF is sponsoring the pickem with 150 credits and 16 months worth of free SRF speed figures. 1st place will receive 100 credits and 3 months of free speed figures from the SRF in addition to 10 horse vouchers and entry into the handicapping finals in January. More details can be found below

Select 1 horse from each race. A wager will be placed on your selected horse (which will be recorded in the live odds) for $100 to win and $100 to place. You will receive 1 point in the contest for every dollar your wagers return. So for example, if a horse you selected returned $10.600 to win and $6.000 to place you would receive 530 points for the win and 300 points for the place since that is how much you would get back for your wagers. The winner will be decided by the player with the most total points. Ties will be broken by the player with the closest time to the winning time for The KYD – Grade I. All selections must be made prior to 10 minutes before the start of the first race. Prizes are as follows:
1st Place: $150.000 in credit(s), 10 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 2nd Place: $35.000 in credit(s), 6 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 3rd Place: $15.000 in credit(s), 4 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 4th Place: 2 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals 5th Place: 1 Horse Voucher(s), Entry in the Handicapping Finals
Closest Tie-Breaker Time: 1 Horse Voucher(s)
Additional Prizes: 1st-3rd – 3 months SRF 4th-10th – 1 month SRF

In the case of a scratched horse being selected, the favorite off the toteboard will be substituted in it’s place (the horse with the most money in the win pool). If there is a tie for the favorite the horse to the inside will be selected.

Latest Events

4/26/2012 – Sponsored Race
Royalty Racing has graciously sponsored 10 credits to the winner of CD race #1 on 5/5/12. The race is a maiden special weight for 2yos at 5f on the dirt. Entries will be selected based on the normal pref date system.

The race will be known as The Derek Simon Juvenile to promote Derek Simon’s 2012 Kentucky Derby Betting Guide. Royalty Racing (T. R. Racki) is a guide contributor. The guide is available for download through:

Latest Events

2012 Derby Prep Pickem 2 Results
4/17/2012 – Congratulations to the following winners of the 2012 Derby Prep Pickem 2:
2.Running Farms

Closest Time: (actual time: 1:48.73)
Salamanca Stable 1:48.72
Mo Mentum Farm 1:48.72