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Negdog Radio Super Soylent Green Tuesday- Episode 318 03/01 by Negdog Radio | Politics Podcasts

Its Super Tuesday on the Negdog Radio Network as Negdog @negdog is handing out the scoops!!! Who are you endorsing for 2016? Call in to the dog pound and let us know! Headlines and more!

Source: Negdog Radio Super Soylent Green Tuesday- Episode 318 03/01 by Negdog Radio | Politics Podcasts




Published on Jan 21, 2016
In the third video of this series on Common Core, undercover videographers expose another textbook executive. In the video, the sales executive shows some of the political ideology behind Common Core with statements like there:

“The dead white guys did not create this country”

“Damn the Second Amendment”

“They don’t agree with Islam, so they don’t want their kids to know about it. They don’t agree with birth control so they don’t want their kids to talk about it. They don’t agree with math because they don’t understand it. It’s not the same math they did in high school. So they don’t want their kids to know about it.”

Negdog Radio Throwback Thursday-Episode 277 01/21 by Negdog Radio | Current Events Podcasts

On this Thursday January 20th 2016, Negdog @negdog has Mitchell Nicholas Gerber. He is an Activist who has dedicated his life to expose and help stop the Most brutal persecution and Human rights atrocity in Modern history: The Forced Live Organ Harvesting of the Falun Gong spiritual movement; where up to 6 MILLION practitioners have been murdered since 1999 in China and more and more everyday for their organs. He leaves no name, and seeks no reward; all he wants is for people to know about this human rights violation and become aware and lend their support and consciousness to stopping this barbaric and inhumane atrocity that will soon leave the worlds’ people numb and soul stirred. To fail to support the Good and To fail to expose the Evil in this world is Unacceptable. Thus, we as human beings must have the courage to not remain silent, but to step forward and do what is Right! 1. What is Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa and what is it all About? And Why does this issue Affect people who have nothing to do with China? 2. Why was Falun Gong outlawed in China and why is it being brutally persecuted by the Chinese Regime? 3. Who has actually controlled China for the last 50+ years? 4. Who is the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and why is it important for the West to know? 5. What is the Forced Organ Harvesting all about and why is this coined ?a New Kind of evil that has not existed on this planet before?? 6. Where can people find more information about this atrocity; as well as the Evidence that confirms that this is actually truly going on? 7. What can people do to help? 8. Any Final words of Encouragement or Motivation for the listeners and viewers in this time today? 9. GOD BLESS. YESTERDAYS SHOW

Source: Negdog Radio Throwback Thursday-Episode 277 01/21 by Negdog Radio | Current Events Podcasts

Negdog Radio War vs The Core

On this Wednesday January 20th 2016, Negdog @negdog has the @commoncorediva Lynne M. Taylor back in the studio for another edition of War vs The Core! The NWO vs NEG we will win! We are already winning this battle as they have changed the name again from common core to ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). We are bringing in Stephen Gordon from Project Veritas to talk about the breaking video from book executives saying #IHateKids & #ItsAllAboutTheMoney. He is a conservative/libertarian political consultant specializing in digital media and public relations.After serving in the U.S. Army for a decade, he’s worked on over 100 political campaigns of all levels, ranging from state legislative races to presidential campaigns. Stephen currently serves as the Director of Special Operations and Senior Communications Strategist for Project Veritas, where he is responsible for communications, development, coalitions, congressional liaison, website operations, outreach, events and special projects. The book reps have been fired but are their bigger fish to fry!? The Dog pound knows the truth! Call in now and ask the hard questions!! $tudio Line 347-843-4165 Uncensored Uncut Unedited Real Raw Underground Radio! How can you help in this War? Find out today!!! ((Weds))

Caller Tony confronts the New World Order

Earlier in the week on the show our caller Tony was disconnected during our show. He found out it was someone doing it intentionally! Here is a video from Nepal!! Please pray for Tony! Everyone is a Negdog in the fight vs the evil in the world!!!


Muslim terrorist attacks against the U.S. 1784 – 2015

As Obozo tells us who we should like and dislike here is some information you should know!Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist Attacks on US 1784 – 2015

620 AD – 1920 AD: Muslims attacked our countries relentlessly on slave and booty raids. From 620 AD onwards reaching all the way into 1920 AD there was not a single year of peace from Muslim aggression. How come our children are not being taught the truth in school? Because oil trade and Arab financing demand that people should be lied about Islam. Therefore, all trade must cease once and for all, completely, with all Muslim nations.

1784, the Moroccans captured a ship called “Betsey” and enslaved its crew. Soon afterwards, the ruler of Algiers declared war on the US. Spanish diplomacy helped free the crew of the “Betsey”, but other American vessels were plundered by Algiers in the coming months.

*1801-1805 First Barbary Coast War (Terrorist Muslim State)

*1815–1816 Second Barbary Coast Wars (Terrorist Muslim State)


Did Pearson Condemn Comments in Project Veritas Common Core Video?

To me it looked more like sugar coating and trying to keep as much about it off the internet! Look at the “Big” “Dinosaur” media who probably get 10 views a day and their pathetic articles. Such as the Washington post using the word “purportedly” as the opening for their explanation of the video! I congratulate James O’Keefe for more “real” ambush journalism. These scumbags need to be exposed and we are sniffing them out one by one!! Stay tuned for more updates from @Project_Veritas! We have been under attack all day at The studios. I have captured some screenshots. Here is Pearson’s pathetic response to the video. Along with Pearson’s VP of communications who just happened to pop up in my Linkd page. As I sit here and listen to Obozo’s state of the union and lies pile up! I put on my cowboy boots and get ready for the next fight!! Check out tomorrows show!!


Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.33.50 PM

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If you haven’t seen the video here it is: