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"Breaking Necks & Cashing Checks"(c)

This CREEPY Video Truly SCARES & DISTURBS Me! – (Video Games Programming it’s users- Developers use torture of animals for sound effects)

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ Extremely unsettling use of video games too in depth to provide a teaser for… Everybody should hear WHY many video developers have left the industry!… Have included the list from Stranger Than Fiction’s other recent videos… 

Published on Mar 4, 2018

This Creepy New World Order/Illuminati/Predictive Programming Agenda Put In Video Games And Brainwashing Children Is Really SCARY & DISTURBING! Game Developer Exposes ALL! Transhumanism Agenda Is Also One Of The Biggest Issues, It`s Influenced EVERYWHERE! Programmable Matter – Smart Dust & Black Goo! Be Sure to Like, Share & Subscribe for MORE Content in the Future. ►Subscribe to Games Exposed:… ►Support this Channel at:… or… Paypal: ►Subscribe!… ►Subscribe 2nd Channel!:… ►Google +… ►Twitter: ►Illuminati Celebrities & The New World Order Playlist (2018):… ►WATCH QUICKLY BEFORE They DELETE This! They Do NOT Want You To SEE! WAKE UP!…

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JP Morgan Chase Says Cryptocurrency Is A Threat | CryptoGlobe

AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites

Jamie Dimon infamously called bitcoin a fraud last Summer and even went as far as to say any JP Morgan employee caught trading bitcoin would be fired. It appears the banking behemoth has made a U-turn as it has recently released a report stating cryptocurrencies pose a threat to their banking services.

The company has been active in the blockchain ecosystem and appears to take the technology seriously. They joined the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and is now building its own enterprise version of Ethereum – Quorum. In May 2017 JP Morgan partnered with Zerocoin Electric Coin Company (ZECC) – the company behind ZCash – to implement the cutting-edge privacy features to Quorum.  Until April 2017 it was part of the R3 blockchain consortium, it left along with many other members citing its interest in exploring private enterprise blockchain solutions.

However, JP Morgan has largely remained on the edges of the new…

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YOUTUBE’S 10,000 ENFORCER STASI SQUAD EXPOSED ~F.A.C.T.S. about what is really going on

Mine got stopped from livestreaming

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


F.A.C.T.S. about what is really going on

By SGTreport 
Published on Mar 1, 2018

The You Tube PURGE of conservative channels has drawn mainstream media attention, and You Tube is calling the purge “a mistake”. Here’s the TRUTH about what is really going on. You Tube formed its own 10,000 strong secret thought police that includes the enemy of Christianity, free speech and the second amendment, The Southern Poverty Law Center. Even though the Richie From Boston channel has been restored, dozens of other channels are still either terminated or under fire.

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Today You Tube PURGED the Richie From Boston channel. He HAD 150,000 subscribers. You Tube also terminated the Jordan Sather channel. The fascist “Winston Smiths” at You Tube are now targeting investigative journalist Jerome Corsi too. Is this discrimination of political speech legal? I guess it doesn’t…

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Exposing Parkland ‘Shooting’ Crisis Actor David Hogg gets you 3 Day Suspension From Facebook |Jack Mullen


Just presenting a Video showing David Hogg and fellow actors recording on a Cell Phone an Anti Gun message during the ‘Actual Shooting’, while they were whispering and ‘hiding’ in lock-down, is enough to get a 3 days suspension from Face-it-facebook-is-working-for-the-enemy (Facebook) —

So — Here is the video, watch it while it is still up and please share somehow.

The video above is a composite of 3 videos derived from one video that was chopped up for release — the one the public was supposed to hear is below on the LA Times Site.

Part of the original clip is found on this Twitter Tweet, where you can hear Hoggs tell the group they need diversity (calling, apparently for other students, likely non European, to make their pleas for gun control)

Here is an article breaking the news the video (above) was actually created 4 hours earlier…

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Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg has been developing there own startup of Syntetic Telepathy

It doesn’t get any fucking weirder!


This invention we give away for free to someone who wants to build a AI assistant startup:

(Read the warning in the end of this post)

It should work to build a interface for telepathy/ silent communication with a AI assistant in a smartphone with a neurophone sensor:

My suggestion is to use the sensor for Touch ID for communication with the AI.
When you touch the sensor you hear the assistant through your skin:…

And a interface based on this information for speaking with the assistant:
The Audeo is a sensor/device which detects activity in the larynx (aka. voice box) through EEG (Electroencephalography). The Audeo is unique in it’s use of EEG in that it is detecting & analyzing signals outside the brain on their path to the larynx.1 The neurological signals/data are then encrypted and then transmitted to a computer to be processed using their software…

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Am I still allowed to say, “Florida”…?


We see as through a glass darkly

Let’s conduct a little experiment here, since I haven’t used the ol’ blog in quite some time indeed. But this seems like a fitting reason. The fact of the matter is, that because of the very nature of this very topic, trying to make a video about would most likely be futile anyhow, since A) using any msm clips would be instantly jumped on for copyright violation, and B) it seems that virtually any video or webpage for that matter that dares to mention the name David, uh, let’s say “rhymes with dogg”, is now apparently in danger of getting instantly flagged, removed, (reported to the authorities for possible psychological health examination?)

Forget jumping the shark… The shark is now daring to jump over the Fonz.

Cooper is straight up takin it to the “right wing conspiracy crazies”. The “ignor and marginalize” strategy seems to have given way to the…

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