The Top 10 influencers of a HorseRacingPark virtual race and our interpretation of these factors.

40 – Basics That Influence Horse Performance Listed here are some of the basic questions to initially consider when evaluating performance in races and works. These are things that can have an influence on horse performance or things that should be considered. It is not an all inclusive list but should give a good start and a good idea of things to look for.
1. Were the condition and stamina meters between 95 & 105?

Being Green/Green seems to be the most influential factor on race day. Some seem to think that it doesnt matter but from our experiences being green/green on race day is a very important factor in winning. On the contrary we have had several horses win with meters green/black or black/green and even black/black. This tells us that yes being green/green is a heavy variable it is not the only factor in winning a race at HorseRacingPark.

2. Was the distance meter different?

The distance meter seems to tweek a horses ability to either go further or shorter distances depending on its preferred racing distance. Ranging from +5s to +5L this gives you a 10 point variant to this one algorithm. Mastering the distance meter could be one of the sciences of top conditioners.

3. Was the consistency meter different?

Does the consistency meter matter? Some say it has no factor at all. We beg to differ. Although top breeds and horses can and will run with any number in the consistency meter, many horses need exact meters to run at optimal conditions.  +5(3) is our highest winning % for the consistency meter.

4. Was there a change in accessories or medications?

Choose from blinkers, shadow rolls, Lasix or Bute, either one of these or the combination of any or all can add or subtract from 1-2 seconds on a horses running times. The testing methods and results are very diverse so coming up with a method that is best ascertains the effectiveness of each accessory or med. Check our Training section for different methods on adds(accessories & medication) testing. Some insists to test these adds before using in a race.

5. Is the horse carrying a different amount of weight?

6. Were different instructions used?

7. Was there a change in surface or track conditions?

8. Was there a change in distance run?

9. Was the work/race at a different track?

10. Did the actual pace change?

11. Was the horse positioned differently?

12. Did the horse step up in class or run against easier/tougher competition?

13. Did the horse have a wider trip?

14. Does the horse constantly seem to never live up to it works in races?

15. Was the time comparable to past works/races?

16. How did the finishing position compare versus the time?

17. Is the horse still young and more inconsistent?

This ties in with #3 as a horse gets older and more consitent the less the consistency meter may play into effect. If the horse is young and is not running with the optimal constency meters then you multiply the chances of not running well.

18. How is the horse improving with age compared to other horses?

Make sure you check out workout times and race results to see where and when your horse is ready to run. Tenth’s of seconds can change race results from track to track and class to class. Refer to the paces of different classed races at different level tracks to help determine how your foal is progressing. Remember each horses career is different, some may be great as a 2yr old but have a short track life, some may not develop until three or four but can run for 6 or 7 years. Patience is the key to success at HorseracingPark.

19. Did the horse get off to a bad start?

20. Was the horse influenced by traffic?

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