General Questions

Who is Bet America? is an online wagering service of Lien Games Racing LLC, a North Dakota company which holds a Service Providers license from the North Dakota Racing Commission. This service is provided in association with a North Dakota charity licensed to conduct account wagering by the North Dakota Racing Commission.

All wagers are securely commingled into host track betting pools. All winning wagers are paid at full track odds. Members will have access to instantaneous wagering and bet verification, live audio race calls, dual, multiple-sized live video screens, and live up to date track odds.

How do I open an account with Bet America?

Simply go to our SIGN UP NOW page now to join Signup is completely free, so take a look around our site and see what we have to offer!

What are the costs/fees associated with membership?

There are none! We don’t charge for video, we don’t charge to signup, we don’t charge at all! While many of our competitors have chosen sliding membership levels, in which the more you wager the more you get, we take the approach that we want everyone to have access to our entire site, and all the features on it, regardless of their wagering level. So whether you wager a little or a lot, all the services we offer are FREE!

What information do I need to provide to open up an account?

Under the regulations of our State Racing Commission in the United States, we are required to collect your name, social security number, email and residential information as part of a process to verify age and address of our members, in order to protect against underage wagering.

While we understand some member’s hesitation in providing this information, let us assure you that we are licensed and regulated to conduct Internet wagering by the North Dakota Racing Commission.
Your information is safe with us, and is not shared.

How long does it take to open an account?

You can be up and wagering within minutes. Just go to the signup page and fill in your information!

Are there any age restrictions to become a member of Bet America?

Yes, only players who are 18 years of age or older may open up an account with Bet America, with the exceptions of Alabama residents who must be 19 years of age or older, and Texas residents who must be 21 years of age or older.

How do I deposit funds into my account?

Go to our DEPOST FUNDS page under the MY ACCOUNT tab and then choose the method of deposit. Bet America offers many convenient ways to deposit funds. Choose your deposit method and then follow the steps in order to fund your account.

Is it legal to wager in the United States?

Bet America is part of Lien Games Racing LLC, a legal and regulated company located in the United States and licensed in the State of North Dakota by the North Dakota Racing Commission. Bet America is in full compliance with all applicable United States and Federal laws.

How are wagers placed?

Wagers can be placed right up until post time. Wagers are then sent from Bet America into the pari-mutuel wagering pools for the given track. Wagers are then commingled into the host track pools and winners are paid full track odds.

Which pool does my money go into?

Your wager will be commingled into the corresponding pool of the host track that you wager on.

Is it possible to cancel wagers?

Yes, we offer wager cancellation. However, Wager cancellation is at the discretion of the host track and our tote provider so not all wagers will be available to cancel.

Are there any special software requirements needed for wagering?

NO. is accessible through just about any web browser or operating system.

Are transactions confidential?

Yes, all wagers are confidential.

When will my winnings appear in my account?

Your winning wagers will appear in your account within a few minutes of the official race results being posted at the track.

Is it possible to cancel a wager?

Yes, you can cancel wagers. If you go to MY ACCOUNT and then WAGER HISTORY, when you pull up your list of wagers, any wagers that can potentially be cancelled will have a “cancel” button showing up in the “status” column.

When canceling wagers, you must first confirm your desire to cancel the wager, and then wait for confirmation.

Cancellation of wagers is at the discretion of the track, and is not responsible for wagers that are not approved for cancellation.

Can I see a record of my wagers?

Yes, you can see a complete record of your wagers by going to your WAGER HISTORY under MY ACCOUNT.

How do I make a withdrawal from my account?

To make a withdrawal from your account, go to our WITHDRAW FUNDS page under MY ACCOUNT and complete the required steps to withdraw your funds.

If there is a problem with my account, who do I contact?

If you have any problems with your wagering account, please contact our customer support team via our CONTACT page.

What information is Bet America required by law to give to the IRS concerning account activity?

By federal law, any wager which results in proceeds of $600.00 or more must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), if the amount of such proceeds is at least 300 times as large as the amount wagered. Any wager which results in proceeds of more than $5000.00 is subject to withholding, if the amount of such proceeds is at least 300 times as large as the amount wagered.

Is my personal account information secure?

All personal account information is strictly confidential.

How does Refer a Friend Work?

Refer your friends to and you will receive cash rewards based on your friends wagering. The more they wager, the more dollars you earn!

We’ve made it easy to refer a friend:

You can have email invitations sent out to your friends by clicking on the “Refer A Friend” link under the “Rewards” tab. Just enter their email addresses and a personal message, and we’ll send out the invite with a link to your personal sign-up page.
When they sign up on that page, you’ll start receiving cash rewards based on their wagering.

You can also customize your personal sign-up page. Click on “My BetAmerica” under the “My Account” tab and you can create a personal message that your friends will see when they go to your personal sign-up page.

When your friends sign up as new customers at your personal sign-up page, and make $50 in wagers in the first 30 days, you’ll be earning cash based on their wagering. The amount of reward dollars paid to you depends on a number of factors, including how much your friends wager, the types of wagers made, how many friends you have referred — you’ll receive a portion of what your friends wager on horseracing. Complete terms and conditions can be found under the Terms and Conditions on the website.

The best way to find out how much you’ll earn is to start referring your friends to your personal sign-up page!

Racing Questions

What tracks are available for wagering on at Bet America?

Most of the top tracks in North America are available for wagering on. Please check our TRACKS page for a complete list of available tracks. BetAmerica has agreements with well over 100+ North American tracks.

What types of wagers are offered?

Our wagering menu will be virtually identical to the menu provided at the given track.

What happens when a horse that has been scratched is part of my wager?

Depending on the track, your scratched selection may be replaced with the post time favorite or wager refunded. In the event that a track refunds any portion of your wager, it will be immediately reflected in your wagering account.

Are winners paid full track odds?

Yes, winners are paid full track odds on all wagers. There is no cap on winnings.

How can I watch the live races?

Click on the “Live Video” link under the Horse Racing menu, or click the “Video” button at the top of the tracklist on the left, in order to launch our video player. You can click on these links multiple times in order to launch additional video windows, enabling you to watch as many simultaneous races as you like. Please remember that additional video windows will require more bandwidth from your service provider, and more processing power from your system, and therefore may slow the loading of additional pages and content.

Fantasy Sports Questions

What is BetAmerica Sports?

BetAmerica Sports are games of skill based on sporting events which you can play and win real money. If you’ve ever played fantasy football over a season with friends, BetAmerica Sports is similar, but instead of waiting all season for a result, we have games which start and finish every day! You choose your $ entry amount, you select your line up from our easy-to-use interface, and then you compete against others – and then hopefully you win!

Can I use my BetAmerica funds to play Sports?

Yes you can, your funds now work seamlessly across all BetAmerica products. You can bet on the horses or the greyhounds and you can play BetAmerica Sports games using your same account balance, which you will see in the top right corner of the page.

What games can I play on BetAmerica Sports?

We currently offer a range of contests on NFL, MLB and NBA, but watch out for more sports coming soon.

Who is BetAmerica Sports?

BetAmerica Sports is available as a product of Ubiquitous Team, a U.S. company based in San Francisco, CA.

Is BetAmerica Sports legal in the USA?

Yes it is, for a more detailed analysis on the legality of playing fantasy games in the USA please read here: LEGAL. For non-residents of the USA we advise you to check local laws for the legality of playing fantasy sports games online.

Are there any state restrictions to playing BetAmerica Sports?

Yes there are, and they differ from the State restricitons on our horse racing and greyhound racing products. You cannot play BetAmerica Sports in the U.S. states of Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Vermont and Washington, due to state law.

How old do I have to be to play BetAmerica Sports?

You must be 18 years old to play BetAmerica Sports.

Can I suggest a new BetAmerica Sports contest or tournament?

Yes! Just email: with your idea. If you suggest a new game that we end up creating, we’ll give you up to $25 in BetAmerica credit to play your own game!

How do I contact support?

The quickest way to receive customer support is by using our live chat service which can be found on many pages on BetAmerica, if you need to find live chat in a hurry please visit Contact Us in the Help menu.

You can also email us: or call us at 866-607-7929

How much do games cost?

There are contests starting at $1 and going all the way up into the hundreds of dollars. If you want to do a little training, we also offer several free entry tournaments.

What methods can I use to deposit?

Depositing is easy with BetAmerica, we offer the widest array of deposits of any fantasy site. Visit our deposit page for all the options including Credit Cards, eCash and Green Dot. Full details on all our deposit methods are available here.

How do I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw your winnings by Check or eCash. Full details are available here.

What is the 100% Deposit Bonus?

Our signup bonus works across all BetAmerica products. We will match your first deposit up to $150. The bonus will appear in your Pending Bonus balance which will appear beneath your balance on the screen. Every time you place a bet on horses or greyhounds or enter a BetAmerica Sports contest we release 10% of the value of your bet or entry into your cash balance – and you can use that balance on horses, greyhounds or BetAmerica Sports! It’s the only sign up bonus in the US which you can use across racing and Fantasy sports.

What is BetAmerica Sports EasyScore™?

BetAmerica Sports EasyScore™ takes the complications out of fantasy sports scoring. Instead of a mathematical formula for scoring, these games are based on statistics you already know. Most yards, most points, and most homeruns are just a few examples.

What happens if an MLB game gets postponed or suspended?

MLB Ruling What happens to the BetAmerica Sports contests?
MLB game was postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date. Contests will close at the end of the last MLB game like a normal MLB night. However, if the MLB game was started and stats were tabulated prior to the postponed ruling, those stats will be removed and all affected players will receive a 0.
MLB game was started, but then suspended and is rescheduled within 24 hours of the originally scheduled game. If the MLB game is rescheduled within 24 hours of the start of the originally scheduled game, then the contests will remain open and the stats from the entire game will count.
MLB game was started, but then suspended and is rescheduled to a future date (Not within 24 hours). The contests will remain open until closed the following morning in which case the stats that were tabulated from the suspended game will not count and all players from the suspended game will receive a 0.


Definition of a skill-based game. A skill-based game is defined as a game where skill predominates over chance in the produced results.
Why we are not a gambling site. Gambling is generally defined by states as an activity containing the following elements: (1) award of a prize, (2) basis of chance, (3) consideration. If any of these three elements is missing then the activity is not considered gambling. Since this game is skill-based the basis of chance has been eliminated.
Determination of your location for withdrawals. Before a withdrawal of credits can be requested for cash, identification must be submitted showing the location of your residency. In addition to this documentation we use tracking methods to determine that your connection to our site is not coming from another location. For more information go to the withdrawal credits page.
Do we report player earnings to the IRS? We are required by law to report earnings of more than $600 in a given year to the IRS for anyone located in the US. Form W-9 must be filed by U.S. residents or a 28% tax withholding will be applied to all withdrawals in excess of credits purchased. Form W-8BEN must be filed by International residents or a 30% tax will be applied to all withdrawals in excess of credits purchased. U.S. residents submitting form W-9 and earning more than $600 in a given year will receive a 1099

I went through the player forum & my site mails cleaning up space and found the FAQ’s with other owners & Support:


Rmc Hill asked:

I’m looking to get some clarification between the Lead instruction and the Heavy Push instruction,
Right now, my thought is that Heavy Push will push the horse out hard regardless of positioning with the rest of the field where as Lead would push the horse to try to keep and maintain the lead but only in relation to the rest of the field.
So if a horse could maintain a “Lead” without to much energy consumption, would it make sense to put the horse on “Lead” rather than Heavy Push where it might be possible that the horse would consume more energy by being heavily pushed?
Or am i completely off track with how these two instructions might impact a horse’s energy consumption?

Supports Answer:

 Lead is mostly about positioning and heavy push is mostly about pace.
Something else to be mindful of when deciding on an instruction is your horse may do best in a certain position, with a certain pace, or a combination of the two.

Other Owners have asked:

I put a claim on a farm at 8.20pm on the 13th and it said the farm sale closed on the 14th at 3am. I see I still have a claim and now the farm sale closes 17th at 3am, whats the story?

Support:It appears the price was updated before your claim which reset the date to the 17th.

To Support:

Why did I receive two different amounts for breeding the same horse? The stud fee is $35:
4/17/2012 4:25:38 AM
Stallion Breedings (Charming Behrens)
4/17/2012 4:25:38 AM
Stallion Breedings (Charming Behrens)

A quote from HRPIt is because of the revised rules, yes. You are not paying anymore than previously however. Previously, you paid 25% of the stud fee to BC nominate the stallion and it was paid upfront. Now you pay still pay 25% of the stud fee but you only pay $1.00 upfront and the rest comes out on the first service sold to the public if you sell a service.

Hi Support,
Before the forums were erased, I think I remember seeing reference to horses being able to improve due to their performance in races. IE hitting the boards against tougher company provides a potential for improvement versus not hitting the boards or even hitting the boards against weaker company, etc.
Do I remember that right? If so, is it the quality of the horses in the individual race that makes the difference or is there some type of adjustment given to the level of the track or a difference between MNR vs pay tracks with that potential difference regardless of the quality of horses in the race?

Support Team:

Yes, a horse can get more improvement out of running well versus good competition versus bad competition. The actual horses in the race are what matter not the track, track level, class of race, etc

Owner:I put a claim on a farm at 8.20pm on the 13th and it said the farm sale closed on the 14th at 3am. I see I still have a claim and now the farm sale closes 17th at 3am, whats the story?

Support:It appears the price was updated before your claim which reset the date to the 17th.


How do I remove a Stallion off the public list? He has had one cover and when I click in the “R” box nothing happens, so I went to reduce the covers to 0 and it comes back with 1

Support:You can not reduce it to lower than the number of locks or requests

Any Chance

that the new viewer will arive in 2012?????????? or any chance —-of an update on where this project stands ???? ( is it still in the works?? or not at this time ??)thanks in advance—-

Ita about fifth on the list i believe which probably means around 2015.

Support:Race class structure, fee structure, rewards program, and site redesign is current focus. Viewer will be one of the next things to move to to complete after that is done

La Canada Racing asked:

Support – Does a specific sire pass on similar workout traits to their progeny? Specifically, could works be slower for that group overall (without reference to actual race results), or is there just a random factor here that may or may not be true for most of his foals as it realtes to works?
I hope this question is clear enough for you to answer.
Mb Stables (0, 0:0) Standard Member
4/30/2012 8:17:13 PM
LCR are you asking if sires pass on a similar work to race translation? So a sire who worked only a second slower than their works might pass that on to their foals who will be workout wonders too?
I’m guessing the answer to that is yes. Because from my understanding that desire to try in a race or wic is a genetic trait of the horses in the game. And if a sire has that gene, it’s possible he can pass it on. It’s also possible he doesn’t have it and passes it on of course. And really any combination of course which makes breeding challenging
Negdog Racing (0, 0:0) Standard Member
4/30/2012 8:23:03 PM
If desire is a hidden trait I would believe my sire has that gene, because the foal are not dew sweepers by any means but have won a lot of races….So they have heart or desire…
La Canada Racehorses (0, 1:1) Standard Member UserIcon
5/1/2012 11:08:26 AM
Negdog – I have read that section.
Mb – Sort of. I am asking if slow work times compared to races for all foals could be a trait passed on basically.
Mb Stables (0, 0:0) Standard Member
5/1/2012 12:08:28 PM
Obviously you’d rather hear this from support’s mouth, but I think what causes that slow work time compared to race time thing is desire. That is definitely a trait that can be passed on
Support Team Moderator
5/1/2012 6:04:31 PM
That could be a trait that could be passed on yes

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