Sex Robots Could Kill Off the Human Race Due To Over Exertion, Performing Better Than Imperfect Real Humans, Male/ Female Sex Robots Perform On Command And Without Any Commitments, No Children – Perfect Child Robots Coming Soon | A Green Road Journal

AGR Daily 60 Second News Bites

Sex robots make for a perfect male or female sex partner. There is no nagging, no smoking, drinking or drugs. A robot has no expensive hobbies, no political/religious disagreements, and there are no worries about cheating. A robot does not want or need any clothing or jewelry. Just keep the naked sex robot in bed, ready for instant action. Another robot takes care of cooking and cleaning, doing a perfect job every day, and they NEVER get tired or have a headache. Want 200 orgasms? A robot can do this and more. Why bother with human companions when robots can do it all, and do it much better, while never getting sick, never complaining or feeling depressed? Robot sex slaves cannot steal from you or fall in love with your best friend and they never say no.

In theory anyway, sex robots are so superior to imperfect humans, that they…

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