An American Water Crisis Is Just Around The Corner And No One Is Talking About It

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In fact, water crises are now rather common. The causes range from industrial pollution and subsequent lack of concern or collusion to covert it up like in Flint, Michigan, or it could be the result of a radioactive leak. It could be because of intense factory farming, lead cables, poor treatment practices, busted pipes, or generalized contamination. But the ultimate cause of the massive increase in water crises in the United States is one of crumbling infrastructure.

Accidents happen. They always have and always will. However, Flint did not become poisoned by one accident and the communities receiving water from the Great Lakes did not become polluted by one spill either. Communities all across America are experiencing water crises that have been decades in the making. From lack of updating treatment facilities, ensuring that reservoirs are clean, and regulating industry that would love to use drinking water supplies and underground…

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