Manchester false flag: “Man, 22, kills 22 on May 22”

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

Following yesterday’s tragedy in Manchester, the term “false flag” is the hot new meme.

A scandal has developed in the UK as Labour Party activist Debbie Hicks is being shouted down by the Establishment for pointing out that Theresa May will hugely benefit from the 22-22-22 Manchester spectacle. As the Daily Mail reported:

Labour Apology

The Daily Mail informs us:

Miss Hicks, who last year stood for Labour in the local elections in her hometown of Stroud in Gloucestershire, wrote: ‘What has happened in Manchester is awful and my thoughts are with the families.

‘However I cant help thinking this is wonderful timing for Theresa May.

‘It is well known that politicians use events as part of their campaigns or messages.’

And it wasn’t just Debbie Hicks suggesting the 22/22/22 Manchester event was a false flag. The Mail reported “a slew” of Twitter comments all agreeing that…

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The Big D Show Live from The Studios 5/18/2017 05/18 by swiftneg | Sports Podcasts

Remember when food was real? Remember when music was real? Remember whe the news was real? Big D is throwing it back to the times of REALITY! Call in with your picks for tonights games! Live from the Studios call in on the BetAmerica hotline! 657-383-1868 Follow the show! Click the (Follow) tab.

Source: The Big D Show Live from The Studios 5/18/2017 05/18 by swiftneg | Sports Podcasts

Trickery Gets Education Nowhere


Anti Fed Ed Warriors, for years AND in spite of whatever political party is in charge, we’ve gotten pretty much NOWHERE near ending the grasp of those educratic, sold out leaders to the CCSS Machine in relation to our citizens.

What we HAVE gotten in exchange is a bunch of U.S. Constitution dishonoring laws, policies, and farces.

Amendment 13 was written to end slavery, yet, as the Progressive/Technocratic modern education reform has been playing out, more and more students, teachers, and education leaders of all ages are being enslaved to mind numbing workforce training!

Amendment 14 was written to throw out any Congress member or other federal leader for insurrection against the Constitution.

The entire education reform IS an insurrection against America!

Let’s not forget that what happens at the Federal level makes it way down to the State level as long as the States ignore the 10th Amendment!!


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Four Parts, One Truth


Hello, my fellow Anti Fed Ed/CCSS Warriors! I’m back from a brief break and so honored to share with you all 4 segments of the special video project I told you about back in April 2017.

Freedom Project Media recorded and produced the Series titled “Alternative Education in the Crosshairs”. The Series is a result of the education research and activism of not only myself, but Kirsten Lombard (Resounding Books) and Mary Black (Freedom Project Academy)

Since I began my fight (2009), I’ve purposed to look in every area the push for national standards has been taken. Most Warriors, early on, were easily finding the push/reform in public/traditional classrooms across America. However, I knew, from other ‘non traditional’ educators that NO educational choice would escape the national standards.

The problem was, not many outside this group,  believed it. To this day, even some inside the

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Dogs Dragon Cruises To Man O War Win

Great Write Up! Congrats Dogs Dragon!


The Man O War (Grade 1)- $400.000 Purse
BEL- For Four Year Olds and Upward
One Mile and One Eighth on the Inner Turf
May 13, 2017

While the groundscrew did a fantastic job with the main track, the turf course still fell victim to an endless day of rain in New York, and it would be listed as soft.  This led to the scratching of two of our six entries, G Honkus Brown and Mean Street would not be part of the race, leaving us with a small field of four.  Capturing the victory would be Dogs Dragon, a gelding who had won on off tracks in the past, and was our pre-race selection, rain or shine.  With this victory, he is now 3-for-3 in races that go at least 11 furlongs.  The proud winning trainer is Maxmillion Farm, who wins the race for the first time, and the…

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