Angelina Jolie’s adoption papers for son Maddox were FAKED


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source Yahoo News

Angelina Jolie has found herself at the centre of a distressing documentation row surrounding the adoption of her eldest child, Maddox.

The star and her then-husband, Billy Bob Thornton, took full custody of Maddox, who is now 15, in 2003 and a local aid charity worker has now claimed that he signed the official papers in Cambodia saying that he is Maddox’s father.

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Angelina has six children.

According to The Sun, Mounh Sarath holds an adoption document filed with a court in the Battambong province that states that he officially has power of attorney over the child.

Mounh says that he has now fallen out with Angelina, telling the publication: “I would be happy if Cambodia didn’t see her again.


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