SHOCKING PHOTOS: Satanic Jesuit Order Staten Island “Retreat” Ceremony

Patriot News




PATRIOT NEWS: We pulled the following astonishingly evil images (in some major ways very reminiscent of the horrid PIZZAGATE atrocity) off of one of the Jesuit Order’s own Facebook pages. As you can plainly see, their official motto is to “Set the World on Fire.”


They do this by working with Satan to create wars, Holocausts (literally means “burning”), False Flag Terror Events (such as their 9/11 Satanic ritual sacrifice burning of 3000 people, two towers and the Pentagram/Pentagon building, as well as all the occult rituals that they led at the Twin Towers/Ground Zero afterwards and still do today…see “9/11 Oculus Yearly Memorial Celebration” and “Eye of Horus 9/11”) to sear the minds of people with terror, creating contention by encouraging all groups to hate and fight against each other constantly (black vs. white, jew vs gentile, old vs young, male vs female, bond vs free, rich vs…

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