Bush Sr.’s (M)egan (K)elly Ultra Puppet Fired for 10 Days by Donald Trump

Patriot News

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Announces 10-Day Vacation


Fox News viewers won’t have Megyn Kelly to turn to for the next 10 days.

On her Wednesday broadcast, the anchor announced she would be taking a vacation, starting immediately.

It comes less than a week after Kelly made headlines by grilling GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during the initial debate.

“It’s been an interesting week,” Kelly said, adding “It’s been six months since I’ve had a vacation.”

A Fox spokesman tells the Daily Beast the vacation was planned. But Salon disagrees, saying Kelly’s break comes as a surprise.

‎”The timing of her unplanned absence is a touch curious,” writes Scott Eric Kaufman. He adds the vacation is “coming mere days after Roger Ailes had to personally step to ratchet down hostilities between the battling parties — especially given the rumors…

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