The Satanic World of Disney: Nazi/Satanism/Child Rape Programming in Everything They Produce Exposed

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Walt Disney Illuminati is becoming an interesting topic, many fans who watch Disney believe Walt Disney Animation is no harm to children.

Do you know who Walt Disney is?

Walt Disney was a 33 Degree Freemason, he and Ronald Reagan were good friends. Both men were high ranking Freemasons and both were involved heavily in the abuse of mind-controlled slaves. To prove Walt Disney was a 33 Degree Freemason just in case you have doubts going through your mind, I wish to share you some import information.

So what is the big deal?

Disney use Illuminati mind-control through their cartoons. The amount of subliminal messaging they use is beyond your imagination. Disney have been caught out so many times through their animation, they had to censor their cartoons and re-release them on DVD because people caught them out.

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SHOCKING PHOTOS: Satanic Jesuit Order Staten Island “Retreat” Ceremony

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PATRIOT NEWS: We pulled the following astonishingly evil images (in some major ways very reminiscent of the horrid PIZZAGATE atrocity) off of one of the Jesuit Order’s own Facebook pages. As you can plainly see, their official motto is to “Set the World on Fire.”


They do this by working with Satan to create wars, Holocausts (literally means “burning”), False Flag Terror Events (such as their 9/11 Satanic ritual sacrifice burning of 3000 people, two towers and the Pentagram/Pentagon building, as well as all the occult rituals that they led at the Twin Towers/Ground Zero afterwards and still do today…see “9/11 Oculus Yearly Memorial Celebration” and “Eye of Horus 9/11”) to sear the minds of people with terror, creating contention by encouraging all groups to hate and fight against each other constantly (black vs. white, jew vs gentile, old vs young, male vs female, bond vs free, rich vs…

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Watch: 400 Dakota Pipeline Protesters “Trapped on a Bridge,” As Cops Fire Tear Gas and Water Cannons at Them in Freezing Weather | The Daily Sheeple

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PATRIOT NEWS: We oppose all violence. The following was posted by THE DAILY SHEEPLE:

The Sunday clashes reportedly occurred when several anti-pipeline protesters used a semi truck to remove burnt out military vehicles from the area, which were left over from a protest earlier in No…

Source: Watch: 400 Dakota Pipeline Protesters “Trapped on a Bridge,” As Cops Fire Tear Gas and Water Cannons at Them in Freezing Weather | The Daily Sheeple

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In Search of Black Assassins



I had hoped to publish Lady Gaga Part III before the election. However, each and every time that I tried to post or save it before the election- it disappeared into a cloud and didn’t come back. So, I am sorry that the post may not have had all the original content that I had intended. Also, my bank, Provident Credit Union, of over two decades switched my banking account into some type of plan in August that suddenly charged me a $28 bank fee each and every transaction on my bankcard. By September, they seized all the little money I had for bank fees. I haven’t had any income since then. However, I am sure that I can recover it in the near future without a lot of time consuming court litigation. It’s all social security income…

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First #Pizzagate, Now #Twittergate: Twitter Suspends User After She Exposes Over 20,000 Child Porn Linked Accounts | The Daily Sheeple

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On top of these absolutely sickening activities taking place right in front of us on Twitter, it is telling that many of these accounts have remained open for months at the same time Twitter is on …

Source: First #Pizzagate, Now #Twittergate: Twitter Suspends User After She Exposes Over 20,000 Child Porn Linked Accounts | The Daily Sheeple

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Bush Sr.’s (M)egan (K)elly Ultra Puppet Fired for 10 Days by Donald Trump

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Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Announces 10-Day Vacation

Fox News viewers won’t have Megyn Kelly to turn to for the next 10 days.

On her Wednesday broadcast, the anchor announced she would be taking a vacation, starting immediately.

It comes less than a week after Kelly made headlines by grilling GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during the initial debate.

“It’s been an interesting week,” Kelly said, adding “It’s been six months since I’ve had a vacation.”

A Fox spokesman tells the Daily Beast the vacation was planned. But Salon disagrees, saying Kelly’s break comes as a surprise.

‎”The timing of her unplanned absence is a touch curious,” writes Scott Eric Kaufman. He adds the vacation is “coming mere days after Roger Ailes had to personally step to ratchet down hostilities between the battling parties — especially given the rumors…

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