Thank you Wiki for Reassuring Americans that our Concerns are Legit!

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ In case you are wondering what keeps me from posting it is this … Hopefully you are also digesting this overload of TRUTH… Truth is coming out fast and furious and it it really tough to get through it all… Now we know WHO the deplorables are and we have it in their own words…. 

Wikileaks Appears To Have Just Released Its First “Insurance” File, Fully Open And Unencrypted


Editor’s Note: Earlier today, it was reported that those close to Assange, including staffers Kristinn Hrafnsson and Sarah Harrison, have gone silent while the Ecuadorian embassy is refusing to provide any updates on Assange’s fate.


While it is unclear if it was done on purpose or by mistake, moments ago a folder within the Wikileaks server has opened at the address which provides a glimpse into thousands of doc, pdf, wav, jpg and various other files, as well as…

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