Merck says their shingles vaccine may spread shingles


Finding Truth In an Illusory World

(NaturalHealth365) The world of vaccines just keeps getting more bizarre, and the reality of vaccine side effects more grim. Now, a major shingles vaccine manufacturer is admitting that their vaccine may actually cause the spread of shingles, in addition to being linked with numerous other disturbing vaccine dangers.

Shingles is an extremely painful blistering skin rash caused by the herpes zoster virus. It can also be linked with chickenpox, or the varicella virus, if one had it as a child.

Shingles vaccine comes with many unwanted side effects and health warnings

Merck, maker of the Zostavax shingles vaccine, lists the spread of shingles as one of the vaccine side effects of the drug. Its warning literature also lists a number of other groups who should not receive this vaccine due to vaccine dangers.

These are the exact words – within the Merck shingles vaccine insert:


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