Proof That Trump’s VP Mike Pence Has KIDNAPPED an Innocent Man Under the Jesuit’s NDAA “Law”

Patriot News

PATRIOT NEWS: This is HUGE. Please warn everyone you can about this monster.

Has Governor Mike Pence of Indiana Suspended Habeas Corpus? (Donald Trump Vice Presidential Candidate Pick)

3 weeks ago by chris-bates55

So the question has been raised. Has Governor Mike Pence suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus in the state of Indiana?

To properly assess the validity of this question, we must first look at the scenario presented. Meet Brent Swallers:

Please understand, this is not “Doxing”, as I have been asked to make sure this man’s story gets known.

From what one can see, it is possible that Brent Swallers was at some point a Mike Pence supporter. I do not know Brent personally, so I cannot confirm or deny this. Based on his facial expression in the image, I would ASSUME the man is happy to be standing next to Governor Pence.


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