White BLM Support(White Race Traitors): The Cultural Fruits of Jewish Labor

News For The Blind

By ichibanyuki of Heathen Women

In light of the recent attacks carried out by the domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, white guilt is being perpetuated at an all time high. Baseless accusations, vacuous apologies and unfounded remorse are abound more than ever before. I came across an article written by an unemployed Caucasian “stay-at-home mommy” titled “Here come Concerned white people making black tragedy personal”. Everything addressed in the article, down to the deceiving title, speaks volumes to the dangerous, masochistic nature of the progressive American liberal, borne not of valor or reverence, but of the obligatory white humiliation and trepidation that has become a cornerstone in our modern Western societies. In her writing, she highlights not only her “white privilege”, but makes sure to point a finger at all Caucasians that aren’t standing up and publicly shaming their fellow white countrymen.

She touches on the subject of…

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