Wave of Perverts Filming Girls in Target Changing Rooms Nationwide After Store’s New “Inclusive” Bathroom Policy

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

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There’s a reason over a million Americans have now boycotted Target, and it has nothing to do with transgendered people using the bathroom.

It has to do with exactly what’s happening at Target Stores all across the country right now: a wave of creepy weirdos filming girls in changing rooms has struck the retail giant ever since they enacted their new policy of allowing grown men to walk into any changing room or bathroom they want to, no questions asked.

WND reports that it is happening in North Dakota:

According to a 16-year-old girl who visited a Target in Bismark, North Dakota, a man positioned a phone under her door with the camera facing up.

“When she walked out, the man entered a different dressing room,” reported WDAY-6 in Fargo, North Dakota.

And Massachusetts:

Cops are asking for…

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