HBO’s Bill Maher & DynCorp Pedophile Coverup: Council On Foreign Relations Tied To Both HBO & Dyncorp!

Patriot News

PATRIOT NEWS: Excerpts from an article posted by POLITICALVELCRAFT:

HBO Maher

Maher Says Pope Runs Child Sex Ring

March 25, 2013

Bill Donohue comments on Bill Maher’s latest attack:

The March 22nd episode of “Real Time” was one of Bill Maher’s most obscene assaults on Catholicism. He not only went on another rant against the Catholic Church, he stooped to a new low when he attacked Pope Francis. After labeling the pope a “virgin bachelor,” Maher opined, “What other business could you be in where your company gets caught running a child sex ring since forever and you still keep your customers?”

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Council On Foreign Relations Are Tied To Both HBO & Dyncorp!


UN – U.S. Government Subsidized DynCorp Cover Up : Government Child Pedophile Sex Slave Scandals Continue To Break Forward From All Over The Globe!

Has ‘DynCorp’ & the ‘United Nations’

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