Obama Drinks Filtered Tap Water, Downplays Lead Risk: “Flint Water At This Point Is Drinkable”

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ Hmmm…. People who have toxic levels of lead are aggressive, cannot think or learn properly and have poor memory…. Is that someone who should be in a place for critical decision making… Maybe we should require labs for prospective gov officials, especially in light of his admission that indicates, he may be a victim of high lead levels??…. Just a thought!!   🙂


obama_flint_waterBy Mac Slavo

And… it’s safe. President Obama says so.

As Flint’s water crisis drags on, and officials expect a period of two years to replace the city’s corroded pipes, President Obama has become a pitchman to quell the population’s worries and take the pressure off of Flint leaders, despite plenty of evidence of negligence and corruption.

Obama even took a drink, as so many stumping political figures have over the years, after an awkward speech that almost gave the impression that lead isn’t so…

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