Its Time For The 2016 KYD


The KYD (Grade 1)- $2,000.000 Purse

CD- For Three Year Olds

One Mile and One Quarter on the Dirt

May 7, 2016

It’s that moment we were all dreaming about when we were creating yearlings in the fall of 2014, or when we were selling two year olds last year.  It’s the reason most of us were repeatedly checking the KYD Point leaderboard for months and months, figuring out how we will get our best horse or horses to the big race.  There is no single race that has the prestige of the KYD.  The chase for the Triple Crown begins now.  We saw it finally happen in the real world last year, and now we wonder if we will ever it see in our own virtual world.  There’s a large bonus that the game promotes, after all.  Will we see a Triple Crown winner here, this year?  If you…

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