Is it ‘SHOW TIME?’-The FED – FDIC and Ron Paul

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ I felt it important, to take time out from my vacation, to bring this to the awareness of my readers….

Many aware and awake financial experts are reporting what indicates an economic crisis in the US… Hoping all are aware and spreading this truth to others so that we can ‘fasten our seat belts’…

I believe this is a multi-faceted event that will cause both hardship and positive change…. As always, it is the American public who will suffer the effects of the corruption that brought us to this point… The flip side is that, we the people will FINALLY become totally aware of ‘the cause’ and have opportunity to create the remedy to insure it NEVER happens again… 

I believe that in a ‘mature’ society, we will NOT need a physical currency nor a government hierarchy…. I think that all events are assisting humanity in finally ‘growing up’!…

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