Baal Worship and Blasphemy in the Modern Age: Babylon 2.0

Christians Awake 2 NWO

Baal temple

By Justin Tucci

         New York City, London, China and several other countries have announced that they will be erecting a 50 foot tall arch that stood at the Temple of Baal in Syria.

         ISIS destroyed this historic architecture and in “an act of defiance” reproductions of this arch will be raised in said cities and 1000 more locations. This is scheduled to start in April.

         Baal was an ancient Sumerian/Mesopotamian god that was worshipped through ritual and offerings. It was often depicted as a half man/bull being similar to a minotaur or baphomet

         Baal worship was quite disgusting. It involved orgies and the sacrifice of children to Baal on a very hot altar.

         This is not something that should be celebrated or revered in modern society. Yet we are…

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