Synthetic biology… but will dragons exist?

The Armageddon Times

imageMost people don’t understand what can now be done through modern understandings of biology. If the child in me could ask the pioneers of synthetic biology a question, it might be about dragons. While I am no biologist, I understood well what J. Craig Venter, the first person to sequence a complete human genome (his own) was saying in his books such as A Life Decoded and Life at the Speed of Light. Life can be completely decoded by modern science. It is no longer a mystery. Almost any creature imaginable could conceivably be created through the wonders of science (as long as it adheres to the laws of physics and borrows its abilities from existing creatures). It is only a matter of time. This practice of creating entire new organisms from scratch is starting out with the simplest single-celled life, bacteria, at the moment, and is known as synthetic biology (synbio)…

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