To solve HOA problems, let’s look at the Big Picture

Independent American Communities

By Deborah Goonan, Independent American Communities


Many of my readers may be familiar with Evan McKenzie, Political Science professor at University of Illinois, legal consultant, and noted author of various academic publications and two books focusing on history and political issues surrounding Association Governed Residential Communities.

McKenzie maintains a blog, The Privatopia Papers, where he posts current events an opines on political issues affecting Common Interest Developments (CIDs). He often takes a Big Picture, “Macropolitics” view of the challenges faced by homeowners who reside in HOAs.

A few days ago, McKenzie posted the following blog addressed to dozens of HOA advocate organizations scattered across the US.

Thoughts on Micropolitics and Macropolitics

Here are some excerpts:

When I first started writing about CIDs, I realized that there were two sets of issues I wanted to write about, and I divided them into micropolitics and macropolitics. Micropolitics means all the…

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