Iran Launching Rocket Into Space This Weekend Capable Of Carrying An EMP

The Armageddon Times

th-2According to Allen West, who served in the US Army for 22 years and was a member of the US House of Representatives, America now faces a terrifying new threat that the American people need to know about. Beginning his story with “raining cats and dogs in Dallas just West of Shreveport, Louisiana”, West quickly gets into the main point of his story in telling us that Iran is preparing to launch a new long-range rocket into outerspace as soon as this weekend and officials have never seen this specific type of rocket launched in the past. While such a rocket launch would be an apparent violation of a UN resolution which forbids Iran from working on its rocket program, that’s likely the least of our worries as West tells us the ‘Simorgh rocket’ is designed to carry a satellite into space and officials are concerned because ANY space launch uses the…

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