Understanding Why the Illuminati Are Directly Linked to Satanism

The Armageddon Times

In the article below, the author discusses how Satan has been hard at work on the most recent iteration of his plans to destroy mankind since at least the late seventeen hundreds. The plan referred to is what many of us today refer to as, “The Illuminati,” or ”The New World Order,” which is intended to be Nimrod’s kingdom restored. The Holy Bible tells us that Satan’s first plan was to corrupt human DNA. If men ceased to be men, they could not produce a redeemer. Satan sent his angels to sleep with women. These women produced corrupted seeds the Book of Genesis refers to as the Nephilim; half human, half angel. More on that below. The second big plan of Satan’s was the plan to build a tower… a stargate that would allow free passage between the dimension of man and the dimension of Angels and demons. Read More

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