The Whole Trump Thing Is Scripted!

All you Registered voters are so under mind control since you voluntarily registered for the abuse!!! Where do we sign up?!

Christians Awake 2 NWO

Give me a minute, I realize that your inbox and subscription list to other posts and videos is long and you don’t have the time to read anything but give me a minute. Take a break for a bit and don’t get upset. I like Trump and Cruz and a lot of the Rubio speeches have been great but… all of them are puppets. I know that sounds crazy but you know that a big false flag has to happen in order for martial law to happen. You know we are in the end times. A lot of hype is in this election and there is so much drama in this election year of politics.  I am sick of it already.  The anti-Christ agenda is in full swing and Satan is trying to fool the elect. Please don’t buy it. I just got it right now. I just realized it…

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