Senate Ag Committee Gives America The Finger, Rules In Favor Of Monsanto’s DARK Act

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

March Against Monsanto


The Senate Agricultural Committee was up bright and early this morning for a brief meeting to circumvent the people’s right to know what is in the food we are eating.

Senator Pat Roberts sponsored the treasonous bill that would prevent any kind of mandatory labeling standard. The bill also cancels out the mighty efforts of Vermont, who rocked both the Grocery Manufacturers Association and the biotech industry with last year’s vote to require mandatory labeling of certain foods made with GE technology.

The meeting today exemplifies Monsanto’s deep presence within our government. Despite the fact that nearly 100 percent of the population supports a mandatory labeling standard for foods containing GMOs, the committee sided with the biotech industry, 14-6.

For months, dedicated activists and concerned citizens have taken to phone lines and keyboards in a courageous effort to stop the DARK Act. Thousands of calls…

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