Project Copernicus ~ Gofundme to Antarctica Cancelled after FE Hit Piece article in Daily Sheeple

So many say ,  “well why don’t you go down to Antarctica and see for yourself, so a guy began to raise money to film with drones and high altitude balloons.  I don’t know how much money he had donated to date but just a few hours after another FE hit piece ridiculing FE (we’re winning, we’re winning), Project Copernicus was cancelled. Hmmm, guess they really don’t want the public to know. Why?

(make sure to read last comment about who originally spread the heliocentric theory)


The Copernicus Project / Flat Earth Proof – Kickstarter

Team Plans Scientific Expedition to Antarctica to “Prove” the Earth is Flat

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this story do not necessarily represent those of The Daily Sheeple or its writers. Thanks.

Screenshot 2016-03-08 at 1.22.25 PM

If you haven’t heard of Flat Earth Theory, that headline may have confused you.

A conspiracy gaining traction around the Internet claims that…

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