Mark and Scott Kelly: NASA/Nazi Paperclip Bred Monarch Slaves

The Independent American

Excerpts from Esoteric Kitten Deception’s blog “”:

January 22, 2011

Commentary on Tucson Arizona Fear-Based Trauma Op

This script is getting old…in fact this journal began with a post regarding a similar event.  Regular readers of this blog should recognize this Hegelian Dialectic. (Problem-Reaction-Solution) tactic, after of course ignoring corporately-controlled media fantasy narratives e.g. “OMG there’s  a madman’s on the loose!”

Jared LoughnerMK-Ultra Delta Prog’md Monarch Slave

Mr. Clean’s twin?

Loughner is just the latest in a bunch which includes the DC Sniper, Mark Chapman (John Lennon), John Hinckley (attempt on Reagan), Sirhan Sirhan (RFK)  and for those with a little snow on the roof, Charles Whitman and the University of Texas “Clock Tower Shootings” which gave us S.W.A.T., or The North Hollywood Bank Robbery Shootout in 1997? These PsyOps are Fear-Based Mind Control Ops, working on the principle of surrendering liberty for the promise of security” Have you noticed…

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