The Catholic Church Admitted in Writing to Satanic Ritual Sacrifice by Melbourne Priest

Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ I have subjected myself to some real horrific material… After reading this and following up with supportive info, I admit, it never gets easier… Truth can be ugly and this information fits into that category… Pure ugly…

WARNING – The author warns that if you are a victim of abuse or satanic ritual, the GRAPHIC description may be a TRIGGER …

The excerpt below, explains HOW to remove the power of this criminal activities… Another atrocity that humanity has to be aware of and eliminate…

An excerpt ….

The three pillared system of exploitation was coming to be seen for what it was. Something had to be done because this elaborate system of abuse, power and privilege can only function so long as the general public has no clue as to what is really going on.
Once authorities and our governing institutions are seen for what they are…

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