Take the Test #1. How Many Secret Societies Can You Name?



Freemason George Washington laying the first cornerstone for the foundation of the U.S. Capitol which is still practiced to this day over 240 years hence, where Freemasons, including Master Freemason Richard Pan, Father of SB277 mandatory vaccinations for kids, attends the ceremony.

Kings and California FreeMasons Hold Cornerstone Ceremony


Listed. It is simply awesome how so few have kept secret their affiliations to so many secret societies, yet remain unknown and undiscovered from public knowledge and discourse.  These are the organizations that rule the world from behind the scenes, truth be told.

* The Council of 13
* The Council of 33
* Secret Chiefs / Great White Lodge / Great White Brotherhood
* Order of the Quest
* Mothers of Darkness
* Moriah Conquering Wind
* Supreme World Council
* The Committee of 300 / The Olympians
* Old (Venetian) Black Nobility
* S∴S∴ / Third Order of…

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