Three Things We Are NEVER Without


It used to be two things- not three, so I’ll mention them first.

Wallet and Keys

Do you ever kinda pat yourself down just to make sure your wallet or keys are on your person? I do. Imagine (or remember) the panic that struck you if your wallet and/or keys were not where they belong.

Cell Phone

Add that to the list. A missing cell phone is cause for unbridled panic.

These three items are life essentials. They are our security. But they are not a part of us. That’s why we have to keep checking to make sure we have them.

Detour – Science To The Rescue

With the age of computers came username and passwords. We use them every day and seemingly all day. It’s a mundane part of our daily lives. Our username and password credentials are digital keys – no different than their analog counterparts found…

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