How the Illuminati took over the Canadian political landscape and other disasters….

The Shift Has Hit The Fan

To international readers and those who do not pay any attention to the politics of this large-yet-small country called Canada, indulge me for a moment as we take a step away from spiritual and energetic travel and step back to domestic matters to see and understand a case study in Illuminati control, how they manipulate public perception and work in the realm of back room deals and give the Powers That Be (PTB) control…

Imagine you have a country, let’s call her Canada, left-of-center, socially progressive, marked by a population that believes in their national institutions strongly like national health care, accessible university education, social nets like welfare and unemployment insurance,  a strong public broadcaster. A country which believes all of the aforementioned are basic human rights, not economic privileges. This country has 3 major political parties called the Conservatives (right wing, pro-business, hates immigrants) the Liberals (left of center…

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