“Holy cotton” from Italian Catholic skull

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In a bizarre act of worship, a Roman Catholic priest on Sicily tries to get cotton anointed by coming in touch with a skull.

Cotton111 From the “holy head” of Albert of Sicily, there will soon emerge holy cotton.

Saint Albert of Trapani (Albert of Sicily, Albert degli Abbati) (c. 1240 – August 7, 1307), was a Sicilian saint. Born in Trapani,

His cultus was confirmed in 1454 and he was canonized on May 31, 1476, by Pope Sixtus IV.

Albert’s skull is contained in a silver statue crafted in the 18th century by the engraver Vincenzo Bonaiuto, for the saint’s altar in the basilica of Our Lady of Trapan

Source: Wikipedia

My comment:

It is mind blowing to see these pictures. How can people buy into such a blunt example of religious fraud?

When the priest pick up his balls of cotton from the skull, he looks more like…

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