Henry Makow; Controlled Op or Just Close Minded to Hidden Truths



Another attack on FE Theory.

Just another hit piece on Flat Earth theory from the alleged “Alt News” media like David Icke and his nonsensical ramble on Flat Earth.

Notice how NO ONE talks about how Flat Earth Geocentrism was the belief from the ancient cultures for over 5,000 years.

Notice how they do not speak to simple, logical observations like:

  • Hot spots of the Sun proving it much closer than 93 million miles,
  • NASA faked photos and all the Freemason Admin along with Nazi’s being brought over to run NASA
  • Jesuits founded Big Bang Theory
  • You cannot have a solar eclipse if the Earth is down here and the Sun and Moon are UP there..

Instead he attacks immediately with Tin Foil hatters and the purpose is to distract, divide etc.



“This is a “PsyOp” which requires large funding from intelligence agencies and governments and corporations. It has…

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